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I am so happy today to announce that I have just accomplished one of a great challenge in my life.

All right, here’s how it begins. I started this blog on 7th of May 2008 and I have already celebrated its birthday approximately 2 weeks ago.

Frankly, I can’t really write articles, blog post or any story. It is just not my strength and when I read back some of the past articles, I couldn’t even know what I am writing about (for some articles).

Initially, I have to struggle for 2 to 3 days just to come out with an article. Phew! Those were the days. I was really having a hard time but I love to teach and to share. That’s my passion.

When I was comfortable with the frequency of posting 3-4 articles per week, I began to tell myself, “come on, Raymond, you can do better than that, can’t you?”

The voice keep on echoing in my mind and telling me to post more frequently and finally, I said to myself, “Okay, enough! I’m going to make a blog post a day for the next 365 days.”

I set it as my goal and frankly, I don’t really know the objective of setting this goal. The only thing I know is, it trains my discipline (but one year is too long if just for the purpose)

I do not know where I am heading, I just do it! Deep inside I believe that I will get some bonus benefits out of it.

I can’t describe to you how painful it is when I first started out. I have no idea on what to write, have other commitments ate most of time and at the same time, I have to stick to my goal.

Everything is hard when you first do it. And as you do it, it will become a lot easier.

Today, I can write up to 7 articles per day in different languages, different content and post them on different sites. (not everyday)

So, what do I get after blogging everyday for a year?

Besides turning myself into a more discipline guy, I find it much easier for me to break my self-limiting believe now.

If you can do something that you first thought impossible, then your confidence will rise dramatically. It’s kinda firewalk exercise.

I also have improved my writing skills and it’s free. I don’t have to pay for any tuition fees. I do not say that I am a great writer but at least, I have improved much from the day I started out.

Another bonus is that I have built my credibility in the market. After a year of motivating and educating people from all over the world about the Law of Attraction, more and more people sending me questions, feature me on their blogs and websites, begin to share my thoughts and my writing around and receive compliment emails has become a “routine”. I’m grateful for those emails and never take them for granted.

Not only that. I have also managed to rank my blog and articles in the first page for most of the keyphrases including for the keyword “Law of Attraction” (I rank #10 among approximately 5 million results). This has increased the visibilities of this blog in the blogospheres and the internet.

Here’s more, I have indirectly built an internet business by providing value to help others such as sharing my thoughts, point of view and recommending relevant quality products to my respected readers.

(I believe that I will get what I want by helping enough people to get what they want)

This has enabled me to work from home, from my favorite restaurants, from the beautiful refreshing park … you name it.

Did I ever felt like want to give up?

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Yes! In the beginning, when it felt so hard for me to carry my goal on with me. I have to write articles to post on my blog during every possible holidays (yep, including my birthday) :)

That’s right! When everybody else is having fun, having their great time out there, I’m having my great fun in here with a machine and all the friends I have met in the huge virtual world. I’m still grateful.

There are times that I stressed out just because I am not being able to write something meaningful to share on this blog. I do not want to see my goal vanish away just like that.

(Thank god that I can easily cope with my stress with the knowledge that I already have in me)

I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction

and, like everyone of you, I have my goals and dreams too. However, I know that those beautiful fancy goals that I have will not come true without taking proper action and when I flash back, this goal of “blogging daily for a year” has prepared me physically, mentally and spiritually towards my goals.

It’s a steep learning curve but I enjoy the journey very much.

There are still a lot which I want to share with you but I’m afraid that by the time I finish it, it would turn to be a book full of my “boastings”. So, I hope that you do not get bored from what I shared here because it’s all just about me. :)

A big thank you to all of you, my awesome readers!

This blog will be meaningless without you, your support, your comments and your participation.

I’ll try my very best to provide you with the best information on the Law of Attraction. That’s one of my purposes on living, which is to share what I know.

I’m eager to listen to your feedback, such as, “Raymond, you have boasted too much egos. I don’t like you” or “Shut up and keep on writing” or … (you tell me). Share it with me, okay? ;)

Raymond Chua signature

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    • linn

      Hi Raymond,

      Congratulation :-)

    • raymond

      Thanks Linn. ;)

    • Dining Room Tables

      You of all people should know what happens when the loa works. Congratulations. You are doing alright and things can only get better. All the best.

    • raymond

      Thanks Dining Room Tables for being a loyal reader here. :)

    • coachsha

      YO yo yo!! Way to go Raymond!!

      pst..sorry for not asking your permission earlier (guilty me) but i’ve been using the table analogy when talking about supporting beliefs in my English Sure BOleh! Seminar.

      I like that analogy/metaphor so much and the participants understand better too.

      Thanx man!

    • JoLynn from The Fit Shack

      Hi Raymond,

      Congratulations on following through with your commitment and reaching your goals! :)

    • raymond

      Hi Jolynn,

      Thanks. I have longed for it. :)

    • PreSchool Mama

      Congratulations, Raymond! Hope you reach more such memorable milestones!

    • raymond

      Hi Preschool Mama,

      Thanks you so much. :)

    • Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind)

      Congratulations Raymond on 12 months of blogging. And those achievements along the way sound mighty impressive. Well done.

    • raymond

      Hi coachsha,

      No problem.

      Spread the metaphor and make learning fun for everyone. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you. I’ll keep on going. ;)

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