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Money VS Respect

January 11, 2011 | 97 Comments

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I hope it’s not too late for me to wish you a “Happy and Joyful New Year”. You know the ritual? New Year is the time for people to set their goals of the year and many came to me to ask for some goal setting tips. Then it came into my mind. I was thinking, if they have this problem, then my readers might as well asking the same question.

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How to Set and Achieve A Goal

All right, I have a story to share with you today regarding money and respect.

In today’s world, money is like the air. You can’t live without it. However, if you have plenty of it, you won’t ‘breath in’ more either. Think of those multibillionaire. Do you think they need more money to eat a better, larger lobster? Unfortunately, not everybody thinks so.

Let me share a story with you to illustrate my point.

Once, there was a rich man who had almost everything he ever wanted. The only thing that seemed to bug him is, he didn’t feel respected. So, he kept on thinking how he could gain more respect from people around him.

As he was walking along an alley one night, he came across a beggar.

“Here’s an opportunity,” he said to himself and drop a coin on the beggar’s bowl.

“Now, you should be thankful to me,”

The beggar took a look at him and ignored him.

The rich man felt angry and said, “Hey, are you blind?”

“It’s up to you whether you want to give me the coin or not but if you don’t like it, you can take it back,” replied the beggar.

The rich man became even angrier and dropped 10 more coins to the beggar.

“What about now? You should be grateful to me and thank me.”

The beggar gave him a blank look and didn’t even pay any attention to him.

“Now I’m the rich man here. At least you should show some respect to me”

“Give me money or not is up to you but whether I should give you any respect, it’s up to me. It can’t be forced.”

The rich man felt extremely annoyed.

“I give you half of everything I owned. Now you should respect me” shouted the rich man angrily.

“If you give me half of your asset, then we’re equally rich. Then why I should respect you?”

The rich man can’t control himself anymore.

“I give you all my money and possession. Should you respect me now? You must, mustn’t you?”

“If you give me all your money and possession, then I’m the rich man and you’re the beggar. I have a better reason not to respect you now,” replied the beggar sarcastically.

The End.

In the story, the beggar said it loud and clear that money does not equal to respect.

We are borne equal. Everybody can earn their respect regardless on their financial status. I am not the most handsome man or the richest man in the world but I do earn my share of respect from my friends, students, family members, business associates, readers and subscribers.

Even though money could not buy you respect, but in my humble opinion, it is not a bad thing either. Let me share one of my real life stories with you.

Though I am not a super rich guy yet, I do live in a pretty comfortable life where I can get all my necessities quite easily. In short, I’m doing okay financially.

Lately, I have a friend who is having some trouble in her life. Although it is not a serious problem, money, moral support, positive thought injections other forms of help seems to be able to solve most problems. Since she is a good friend of mine, I stepped in to give a hand spiritually, financially and plenty of time commitment. Not to buy a friend or to buy any respect from anybody. It’s just a pure sincere intention to help others.

As time goes by, problems arise. I began to hear things like:

  • I’m trying to take advantage on people’s misfortunes.
  • I’m trying to buy friend, love and respect with money.
  • I’m helping others with some hidden bad intentions.
  • And many more.

I don’t take those negative comments personally, of course because I know that

I have a choice.

Choice #1:

I can choose to conclude that being a good person to help others is bad, I should only mind my own business, never help people again and money is evil because it creates problem.


Choice #2

I can choose to ignore those negative remarks and aware that only I and I alone can approve myself. Not others. What others think speaks volumes about themselves and had nothing to do with me. Helping others is my personal contribution to others and it not only helps me to satisfy my spiritual need but also helps to bring in more good karma.

I choose the later.

One choice makes me, the other, destroys me.

Moral of the story:

In life, we do not always have control over what’s going to happen to us. However, do not forget that we do always have the choice to choose how to react to the situation.

If you have been good to others and they are not grateful to you or backstabbed you in return, it’s their loss. Do your best and let god take care the rest.

Always respond to the situation with a thought that makes you a better person. Never respond with a thought that destroys you.

Life experience gives us lessons, not destruction. Nail it in your mind. Write it in BIG letters on a piece of paper and paste it on your wall if you have too.

Life is not about what’s happening to us. It’s about how we react to it.

No matter what happens to us, always attract the best with the Law of Attraction. Equip yourself with intense positive emotions and visualize the desired outcome. If you have problem with visualization, I recommend you to use Mind Movie. It’s very powerful software to help you visualize things easily.

Understanding the laws of universe is very important to keep us on track. It not only helps us to understand why things happen but also enable us to manipulate the law on our favour. If you are just like me who is always hungry for knowledge about how things work and why things happen to us and how we can manipulate the situation by using the laws of nature, I highly recommend you to study 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor.

I hope you enjoy the story and lessons I share here. I’d appreciate it if you can leave your comment below to tell me what you think and share your thought with me.

The Law of Attraction always works no matter who you are. Attract the best!

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    • Corinne Edwards

      Dear Raymond -

      This is the most important thing to me that you have said here -

      “I can choose to ignore those negative remarks and aware that only I and I alone can approve myself. Not others.”

      Who do you see when you look into a mirror?

      • raymond

        Hi Corrine,

        Thanks for the question. It takes me a couple of minutes to answer that to myself.

    • Debbie @ Happy Maker

      Hi Raymond,
      This is so true, “Life is not about what’s happening to us. It’s about how we react to it.”

      Our reaction to anything is what really makes a difference. The right reaction can definetly earn a people lots of respect.

      When it comes to respect is it something that we have earn and you are right. The bank account does not determine respect that we receive from others.
      Happy new Year and thank you for the reminder.

      • raymond

        Hi Debbie,

        We should learn to react wisely. :)

    • Joel

      Interesting story, I think to many people don’t think that way though and the fact they have more money than you means they are a better, more worthwhile person. It’s a shallow life a lot of people lead.

      • raymond

        Hi Joel,

        You’re right. The amount of money one possesses is not related to the quality of life a person lead. Sad but true.

    • David Rogers

      As you say, one choice makes me, the other destroys me. Interesting story, not heard before. And being respected is a quality we don’t always think of, but really is a key to a successful life.

      • raymond

        Hi David,

        Respect is one of the most oversee quality of life.

    • Beat Schindler

      Of course, the challenge with the “money is evil because it creates problem” argument, how to explain human behavior and problems before money was even invented. Money is a relatively recent invention.
      - Beat

      • raymond

        Hi Beat,

        You’ve got it. Problem exists even without the existence of money.

    • Michelle Vandepas

      Hi Raymond,

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

      I agree with you that “Life experience gives us lessons, not destruction”.

      Experience is still the best teacher. Once we learn from our experience, that’s the time that we grow and as we grow, it will teach us on how to react on things around us in a positive way. This will also give us the choice to be a better person.

      • raymond

        Hi Michelle,

        You’re welcome and you’re right. Experience is like the fertilizer to our plant of lives.

    • pya

      hi raymond,
      i am better with this..”Life is not about what’s happening to us. It’s about how we react to it.”

      • raymond

        Hi Pya,

        I love that phrase too.

    • Jing Rou

      Hi U.Raymond,

      Thanks for sharing the story! Different people have different interpretation on one particular thing or event. When people make some “negative” comments on us, I think we must thanks them. Thanks them for reminding you and let you realise that you are actually not a “bad” person! Cheers!

      • raymond

        Dear jing Rou,

        That’s so true. We are the only one who have full control over what we want to think and direct our own mind. Thanks for commenting here. I’m so glad to see you here. :)

    • Sherri–Being the Change I Wish to See

      You’ve got it right Raymond. Respect must be earned. It cannot be bought or sold. We either act in ways that earn us respect or we don’t.

      Great post,

      • raymond

        Hi Sherri,

        That’s right. Money is important but it can’t buy everything.

    • johnny ong

      good write up. what we choose today will decide what we are tomorrow

      • raymond

        Hi Johnny,

        I can’t agree more,

    • chemistry

      I love this article. So positive, enlightening, inspiring and encouraging. What will it do to you if you gain the wealth of the whole world and yet no one likes you and no one respects you even an animal. Both money and respect can be earned but not both can last forever even until you die.

    • Krizia | Blog Income for Women


      You always remind us of the important things in life when working with the law of attraction and this post is again proof of this.

      Thanks so much!


    • Komodo Dragons

      Excellent story. Even though money may be a measure of power and influence, it can never be a measure of respect. Respect is probably one of the purest intangibles that can’t be bought by any amount of money. It simply has to be earned.

      • raymond

        Hi Komodo Dragon,

        You’ve got it!!!

    • p90x

      It is never too late to wish happy new year. I hope you have a great year this year Raymond. And I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks so much for sharing.

      - Robert

      • raymond

        Thanks Robert. I wish you have a great year too. :)

    • sell used textbooks

      Great post. Money certainly doesn’t make the man. I grew up with a lot of people who “had” money, I found that the ones with old money carried themselves better and treated others as equals, while the people who had money but probably more debt than money were quick to judge. It isn’t how much money you have it is your character and how you treat others that one should be measured.

    • Investment Guidelines

      Nice comments shared in this post. Through this blog came to know about many unknown news. Thanks for the post in this blog. Keep it up the good work.

      It is so nice of you, to this great article.
      Thanks once again.

    • Tyrone

      Hey Raymond,

      Glad to catch up and read a great story. Really in life it’s much about choice and not about luck. If you have riches now then you chose to be rich and therefore you worked for it. With respect, if you choose people to respect you with or without the thinking of riches then you do something good and ethical to them – a matter of choice combined with effort.


      • raymond

        Hi Tyrone,

        You’ve made a good point. I agree.

    • Tony Parker

      Thanks I enjoyed this. Too many of us go through life blaming other people, the weather or our partners for our circumstances. These are all excuses. Called playing the victim. It is so easy to blame someone or something else than to accept yourself as responsible. You can made this point clear. Thanks

      • raymond

        Hi Tony,

        I can’t agree more. You’ve got it right.

    • business 800 number

      Great website…and cool article man…keep on posting such articles… Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!now it would be easy to achieve my goals!

    • Vlad

      It ia an interesting question, but I think the answers can different depending on situation.

    • Rachel

      Many times I see people with money have no respect for other people at all. only for people that have more money than them.. that’s a real shame.


      • raymond

        Hi Rachel,

        I can relate to that but I believe not all are like that.

    • Liebeszauber

      Great story; the problem is people do not have a positive self concept of themselves. Respect is something that does not come with money; you can only get respect if you have respect for yourself. So think positively of yourself and you will see the difference.

      • raymond

        Hi Liebeszauber,

        Great point. I love that.

    • Hatha Yoga

      Nice post. I really like the story of the rich man and the beggar. And, always good to keep in mind that we have choices. So many people feel like life is happening to them when, in fact, we make life happen based on our choices, for the most part.

    • Dart Flights

      For example: Banks you end up paying with interest added to it. Your parents they feel like they own you once you take money from them. Just people in general.

    • sell textbooks back

      Do you have any articles on forgiveness? While you go over the art of attraction, before you can move on sometimes you need to forgive. I personally am having some problems with it and I have been trying to work on it but alas, I feel at a standstill. And hopefully you will have something. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing a response.

    • sell textbooks back

      I guess I need to check out your archives. Hopefully I can find something there.

    • Komodo Dragons

      That’s also a great point, Liebeszauber. If we can’t respect yourself, how can we expect respect. Like with everything else, the first step has to be taken by us.

    • colocation

      Once I start the process defining my goals, including respect no one can stop me. I can tell you from experience this is an extremely powerful process, that is respect and the law of attraction. What I think about is what I bring about.

    • Rune Ellingsen

      In life we need to be open-minded and have a positive outlook on it. Through this we could stand in our own whenever trials attacks us. O admire this content very well said.

    • cutiepink

      In fact this site is full of something it’s saying..This is the big part of me ..I like it..Thank you for sharing this informative site..

    • cutiepink

      Great post about important things on how can we expect respect each other..Thank you for sharing this wonderful story .. thank you:D

    • beyaz e?ya

      hard question :)

    • Masaj erotic

      I congratulate you for it and thank you for taking the time to provide what for some may be a helping hand from ignorance to reason.I’ve heard how the law of attraction has been changing lives. Now, I must learn how to make it work for me!lol

    • copywriting

      I really enjoyed the beggar and the rich story. And it’s absolutely true, you cannot buy people’s respect with money. But, you can earn it with your good conduct and reputation. I know many people who are not well-to-do. But I respect them so much.

    • online divx film izle

      Dear jing Rou,

      That’s so true. We are the only one who have full control over what we want to think and direct our own mind. Thanks for commenting here. I’m so glad to see you here.


      I would say both are essential to live a healthy life.If you wanna win world then both can play key role in.Respect is a feeling that make you more confident to work hard and money is reward for that.Lovely post…

    • WordPress Hosting Deals

      Great story! I want to become successful and rich someday. This story helps put things in perspective. Thank you…

    • Sheet Music

      There is certainly more than a hint of Buddhist philosophy in your post – well done!

    • Ways to pass drug test

      Good post.It was Very refreshing post with attractive ideas. I am looking forward to read your next great article.keep continue your post .i like your writing style.thanks for sharing.

    • supportgood

      You have great story. Thanks for sharing and encouraging more people.

    • Homejobstop

      Thanks for your article really good man I like money power

    • livestrongtreadmill

      Thanks for such a nice comment dude I like it Although people believe that money is power but in my opinion Self respect is also important

    • zygot

      I agree that money is important in this world but it can’t buy everything.

    • tian

      In this days, Money is so powerful.

    • russjones

      This is very inspiring article. Love it.

    • zygot

      Great post. Very educating.

    • Cell Phone Types

      Thanks for sharing such an encouraging article I really like it keep up with it

    • root canal Salt Lake City

      One must respect himself before he expect others to respect him in return. Financial status isn’t the reason for other to gain respect.

    • Australian Dollar

      I appreciate the distinction between money and respect – not opposite but certainly separate commodities. True respect is freely given to people who are worthy of respect by people who are worthy of respect – but it ought to be assumed from the first encounter with somebody as the natural state.

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