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Hacking Democracy
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My websites and blogs got hacked in the past 3 weeks and I apologize if it gives you any trouble while you were accessing my site.

I didn’t know about the problem until I received an error when I wanted to send some emails. The hackers used my email account to send out spam emails to other people until it reaches the hourly limit.

I sensed something wrong and take immediate steps to solve the issue. It takes a few days to clean up the mess and it’s a total waste of time.

The good news is my blog (the one that you are reading now) is cleaned and is safe from hackers. I have changed all my passwords and it took me quite a while to fix the redirect links and changing the passwords for all my blogs.

Let’s look at what I learned from this little problem.

My mind is talking

When I was sure that my site got hacked, the feeling is hard to define. It’s a mixture of shock, excited, worry and many others

I was shock because it is an unpleasant surprise to me.

I felt excited because this is the first time that my website got hack and now I can see how it is like. Sort of an exciting experience for an “adventurous” person like me.

And I also feel worry because I have no idea on how it affects my readers and website visitors and my credibility. This can be solved easily with the “Then what” method which I share a few weeks ago.

The first few things that came into my mind were

“Cool down so that you can think of the best solution logically instead of emotionally”

“Do not be a victim and start to blame others. Not only won’t it solve the problem but also.”

“Focus on what you can learn from the situation instead of what you have lost”

The injection of these positive thoughts not only helps me to solve the problem calmly but I also enjoy the whole process of fixing the mess and feel less worry about it.

At that moment, I begin to see the usefulness of the knowledge I gain from personal development seminars and coaching programs. IT really helps.

If this happens to me 10 years ago, I’ll go crazy and begin to point fingers and blame everybody around me (yeah, be a great victim), stressed out, spoils my relationships between me and all the people around me and all other “standard procedures”.

The lessons learned

The lesson I learned from it is

Always remember to backup data.

When your mind is calm, things always go smoothly and solution flows in easily.

When you feel good about it, you’ll attract good solution and people to you. It’s the Law of Attraction, remember?

What about you? How you overcome such situation in your life? Please share with me your method on how you overcome your problem and if you are a technical person, I appreciate it if you can share some security tips with me. Thank you.

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    • Andrew

      Now this happens very often, so do not worry. We all understand. Hackers have already decently fed up with their spam. I already put what ?????? protection.

      • raymond

        Yeah Andrew, it happens. :)

    • cymphonix

      oh yes! not 2 worry about.It’s not a major problem. This happens 2 all the web readers… U just try 2 put protection….

    • Buy PSP Go

      Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common – good you got it fixed before google was able to penalise you (though it’s ‘site warning’).

    • applicationprioritization

      never mind. This happens 2 everyone commonly…

    • Single Maria

      Thanks for the post. Oh, those hackers.. How I hate them.. They do it just for fun, and dont care about other people. And we suffer because of them…

    • raymond

      Thanks for the concern folks. I appreciate it. :)

    • betting forum

      I have not yet expreinced getting hacked. It must have been a very tiring job to change your passwords. Anyway, don’t you think it is exhilirating too? Isn’t it a great thing that you already know what to do once this thing happens again? You learned the hard way, so now everything seems easier. The most important thing is that you’ve learned from this experience.

    • Office Space Los Angeles

      We can understand website hacked very terrible sitution for yours and no need to be apologize, such things may happen with any one but you shown good maturity, we can’t think proper solution if get panic at such situation need to think with coold mind so get right solution and sure reades like us happy you come back with new experience.

      • raymond

        Hi Office Space LA,

        Thank you. Thank you for your understanding.

    • raymond

      Hi Betting Forum,

      That’s right. Practice makes perfect. :)

    • Jage

      I am sorry to hear that, and welcome back guys
      dont forget to backup data frequently :)

      • raymond

        Hi Jage,

        I will. A great lesson learned. :)

    • used rv for sale

      Probably not, because this person probably uploaded a shell and if the Administrators restore it the attacker could get his hand on the shell again and do more damage.

    • used rv for sale

      So, I don’t recommend it. Unless they have a db backup of where this attacker didn’t obtain access to the site, it would be fine. But i doubt they know the date, the attacker could have just waited for a right time to do this.

      • raymond

        I don’t understand. Too technical for me. Any simple English explanation?

    • Buy PSP Go

      Actually that\’s a good point Jage, I create daily backups as I just couldn\’t function without my websites being active.

    • used tires

      It’s a shame that your website got hacked, it stinks that people would do that to good honest people :( But… I am happy that everything is back to normal =D

      I overcome these types of situation by not giving up, and coming back even stronger!

      Till then,


      • raymond

        That’s true, Jean. Thanks. :)

    • Lumineers Cost

      A lot of people on the WordPress platform have been complaining about having their sites hacked. I think one tip that gets tossed around is to change your username from the default admin. I guess this is somehow a vulnerability.

      • raymond

        Thanks for the suggestion, Lumineers. :)

    • David P.

      I hate when that happens

    • Metal Briefcase

      It sure is a big pain to deal with a hacked website. Even after you fix the damage, you would likely be paranoid of the hacker regaining access. You are lucky in that no content was lost. In some cases the hacker is much nastier and results in a ton of lost work. A lot of the time the changes the hacker makes are the kinds of things that can hurt search engine rankings. So it can be a big problem if left unnoticed for too long.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        Yeah. The biggest disaster is the search engine ranking issue.

    • ATV Auction

      Did you actually lose search engine rankings as a result of this? I actually had this happen to some of my websites and it ended up helping my search engine rankings. Well initially the rankings dropped, but once I cleaned everything up, they liked my sites better than before.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        Yes I do. The ranking drops and it affects my business badly.
        However, some long tail keyword are still on the first page.
        I hope it’ll get better soon.

    • Love Graphics

      I am sorry to hear your site got hacked and you experienced down time. But I am glad to hear you are now safe from hackers. It can be very hard to recover from those types of things.

      • raymond

        That’s true, Love Graphics.

        It’s a part of the learning curve. :)

    • Property Investors

      You should be careful while entering on the web that you website can be hacked by someone. anyway it’s your fault!

    • mickey

      my one blog got hacked too from the hacker. and i am lucky because i got backup all my blog files, the sql file and i have learned a lesson into this.

      • raymond

        Hi Mickey,

        Good to hear that you have the backup file. Otherwise, all your effort will have gone.

    • Jayvie

      i have seen many blogs that are hacked too, that is why it is always wise to backup all your blogs

      • raymond

        Hi Jayvie,

        That’s true.

    • MAICLE

      Hackers are not effective today, there are so many anti hacker tools.

      • raymond

        Hey Maicle,

        Mind to recommend some?

    • Online Muzik Dinle

      never mind. This happens 2 everyone commonly…

    • free card sharing

      thank?s good content

    • George Baker

      there, looks like The Law of Attraction website attracted hackers, the most
      unwanted attraction to happen anywhere in the World Wide Web. Glad to hear
      though that things are back in shape. 

      • Raymond CHua

         Hi George,

        Everything happens for a reasons. I accept that and learn a lot from it.

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