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No Matter What

August 23, 2008 | 15 Comments

I was teaching electricity in one of my Physics class and in one of the lessons, I taught my students about the concept of electrical current.

Electric current or flow is caused by moving electrons which flow from negative terminal to positive terminal when they are being “pulled” by a potential difference (known as voltage).

The higher the potential difference, the faster the electrons move. In the journey from negative terminal to positive terminal, the electrons have to collide with other particles in the conductor. (I try not to go very deep about this) This creates obstacles for the electrons and it slows them down. These obstacles are called resistance. Somehow, the electrons made their way to the finish line (positive terminal), not sometimes but every time.

I truly believe that nature is the best teacher. The flows of electrons in the conductor teach us that no matter what come in your way, no matter how many obstacles that you face, overcome them, move towards the finish line and reach your goals.

Obstacles is unavoidable and it fact, it enhance your journey towards your success.

Here’s an inspirational video to share with you.

When the obstacles show up, knock them down!

Using the Law of Attraction

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    • kabonfootprint

      What a great post. The video is very interesting. Keep on going as a teacher.

    • Dining Room Tables

      “Nature deals us her cruelest blows when she desires us to grow. Once we see the logic of this, we never again will quit in the face of adversity…” U S Anderson.

      Instead of Nature, you can use Universe, God or whatever. The message is the same.

      You might like to consider posting on ‘growth’!

    • raymond

      Hi kabonfootprint,

      Thank you . :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for sharing the quotes. It’s very profound.

      Thanks also for the “growth” idea. :)

    • Shueqry

      no matter what happened, we must to live strong and keep moving forward!

      thanks raymomd, your post inspires me.

      Thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      Yeah, keep the momentum and the inertia. :)

    • dr hapizi

      I fully agree. when we have the ‘no matter what’ attitude, surely the goals will be achieved.sort of momentum that keep us moving towards the goals

      eg : no matter what, i want to have income of 10,000 per month by january 2009

      compare to affirmation like this:-

      I intend to have income of 10,000, but i dont know how and when

      try to use SMART technique in achieving goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed)

      Seneka says-”If a man knows not what harbour he seeks, any wind is the right wind”.

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      Clarity is power!

      A goal is as good as nothing if there’s no proper clarification.

      Thanks for sharing the quote from Seneka. I love that.

    • Free Links

      Great article love it thumbs up

    • raymond

      Thanks. :)

    • Eva White

      Nature teaches us as much as man made principles.

    • raymond

      That’s true, Eva. I believe in nature more than man’s principles. :)

    • Joe

      You have nice and unique ways to tell what you want to tell. This time you take example of Electric current to show us how can we be brave and determined in our real life. I am new to this site and reading lots of old posts, because I liked this site very much and I am sure that this site is going to help me a lot.

    • raymond

      Hi Joe,

      Dig it and you’ll find more gold nuggets. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      Nice post! You have a great teaching. Love it!

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