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Welcome back. I promised to share 2 methods to solve Jenny"s problem yesterday. (Please read the previous post if you haven"t)

Well here it is. One of the methods is directly associates with the Law of Attraction while the other does not.

First method is, working from the end of your mind.

I am going to further divide this method into 2 parts. First part is when you have lost your keys. The second part is before you lost your keys.

First part – When you already lost your key.

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When you have already lost your keys, don"t focus on the lost. What is your end result? You want to find the keys or you want to use the key? If you are going to fetch your children, then visualize that you already found the keys and you put the key in and twist to start your engine.

Visualize the environment. What do you see along the way? The roads, the trees, the landscape, the people, the buildings and others. As you visualize, you are attracting what you want to you.

This does not necessarily mean that you will get to find the keys, but at least you will get your job or routine done. You may attract the keys or you may attract somebody to give you a lift to the place you want to go or somebody else may send your children back.

That is the importance of dwelling upon the end result. The end result in this case is to have your children back home safely. court jester the dvdrip download

Second part – Before you lost your keys.

If you often lost your keys, I assume that you have received a great amount of comments either from your friends, neighbors, family members, spouse, or yourself which label you as an absent-minded person.

If you received such comments almost everyday, consciously or unconsciously, you will label yourself as an absent-minded person who always misplaces your keys.

You have faith with those comments and you believe that it is true for you. Law of Attraction says that, like attracts like

keeping the faith free

. If you think yourself as an absent-minded person, you will attract that into your life.

Slowly, you will form a habit to misplace your belonging. When it becomes a habit, it happens even more often and you tend to believe it as your “trademark”. The more you believe it, the more you will attract it.

This is a very destructive thought because it buries you deeper and deeper into the ground. It has the negative snowball effect. Here"s the flow:

Bad comments –> bad believe –> bad attraction –>

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bad habit –> more bad comments –> stronger bad believe –> worse attraction –> worse habit –> even more bad comments

–> even stronger bad believes –> extremely bad attraction –> extremely bad habit … and it continues

Yeah! You heard it right. I"ll continue in the next post … so stay tune :)

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    • zool

      Yes.. I always lost focus on somethin’..
      And my ability to remember somethin also not good…
      I think your tips good to motivate me..

    • raymond

      Hi Zool,

      I’m happy to learn that my tips motivate you.

      I appreciate your initiative to share your thoughts in my blog. Keep on posting comments in my blog.

      Thank you. :)

    • Liara Covert

      It would be simply wonderful if everyone who lost things could find a way to retrace their steps and find those things. What would you tell a person who thinks he has lost his mind?

      Cursiously, children’s stories focus on the idea of tiny critters. They supposedly appear to snatch away and vanish with items that you later never seem to be able to find. Somewhere, in the depths of a hollow tree, perhaps in the centre of an enchanted forest, you might find; single gloves, single socks, eye glasses, keys, scissors, and all those other objects that have gone missing. The question is, would you find lost pets there too?

    • raymond

      Good insights, Liara.

      Beautifully said. :)

      Lost pet in the deep jungle? (Puzzled)

      Maybe yes, maybe no

    • shueqry

      Good tips from Raymond.

      Keep it up! :)

      - shueqry -

    • raymond

      Welcome Shueqry. I will :)

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    • Mind

      Thanks Raymond, always enjoy reading your posts!


    • raymond

      Hey Mind,

      Thank you so much. :P

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Never thought of this thanks for this good post. Just for sharing there are always way to remember where you place your key before being label as absent minded that is associates two items in ludricrous and nonsensical way coz the mind will always remember when you visualize such a way.
      Thanks again for the above good post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      You’re quite right about that. :)

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