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Today, I’d like to share with you something that I have learned from Bob Proctor’s Coaching Club, The Science of Getting Rich. Of course I can’t share it with a great detail with you since most of you (I believe) do not have the modules but …

What I’m going to share here is enough to give you a new perspective and begin to work on improving your life to the better.

There’s at least one thing you and I have in common that we have full control over and that is our decision. Nobody can make the decision for us and we have absolute full control over it.

Your friends or family can persuade you to do something but in the end, it’s you who decide whether you want to do it or not.

Let’s look at where our decisions come from. We make decision based on how we feel and our feeling comes from our thoughts.

Thus, I can say that we have full control over our thoughts too, can’t I?

2 different persons make different decision on a same situation because they have different thoughts on the particular situation. Make sense?

Everything in this world comes from our thoughts. If you want to build a house, you’ll have to think of how it’s going to look like and lay out the blueprint first before you build it, right?

Before Thomas Edison invented a bulb, he had to have the picture of the bulb on his head first before he can create one.

Without create it first in your mind, you’ll never have it in your hand.

We get what we think of. So, if you keep on thinking of poverty, that’s what you’re going to get. It’s because you form the blueprint in your mind, that it is being manifested to you.

Everything in the world is created twice. First, in our mind and second in reality. lawman movie

If you are sick, don’t ever focus your attention to the sickness. Let the doctor to take care of your body and you take a very good care of your mind.

With this mutual co-operation, every disease can be cured easily. I have a friend who cured her cancer (which her doctors said was incurable) by only using this method.

See, how powerful our mind is.

One problem that always haunt many people is the issue of money (especially during the time of depression right now in US)

Dow Jones took a hit on Monday. The 778 points drop was the worse since 1987 and people are talking that we’re going to have a Black October. But …

I received an email from T Harv Eker yesterday telling me that his students are making profit like crazy during the current depression and the investors that bought the stocks at bargaining prices actually leads to the little rise of the stock market.

Harv said that it’s because his students have the correct financial blueprints

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that makes them not only survive but also raking profit easily from the crashed market.

It comes back to our thought. The financial blueprint is none other than our thought itself.

Focus on abundance and you’ll begin to attract it to you. One of the methods Bob Proctor used when he was broke is, write your goals on a piece of 3”x5” card and put it in your wallet which you carry wherever you go.

Read it (your goals) out loud as many times as you humanly can. When you read it out loud consistently, it will stick in your mind and when this happens, you’ll begin to see, think and hear all the opportunities that get you close and closer to your goals.

It may sound simple but I believe 80% of you would not do it. Take it as a challenge. Do it and watch your life change.

If you are interested in The Science of Getting Rich program, you can sign up here.

Don’t ever forget to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life. It’s about your thoughts, feeling and action. Have opinions, share it with me

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