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One of the powerful methods to make use of the Law of Attraction

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to work for you positively is to have a positive emotion.

This is not a hard thing to understand but it is rather the “HOW return to oz free

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” part that is hard for most people.

In The Secret movie, Bob Proctor download first blood free actually recommends that we can we change or switch our emotions, from negative to positive, in a snap of fingers by listening to a beautiful piece of music and start singing.

Well, today I"m going to share with you how I change my emotions (lately) from good to better with an extremely simple action. I need to confess that I am not a good singer yet.

So I have to listen to music instead. Not every song is created equal. Therefore, I need to choose the one that suits me. I watch these videos.

They"re the youtube video clips of Connie Talbot, a six-year old, cute, adorable and super talented little girl performing in Britain Got Talent.

All right, I"ll stop teasing your curiosity and here are the video clips:

Connie in her first audition

Can you see how confident, talented and adorable she is?

Connie Talbot in the BGT semi-final

Connie Talbot in the BGT final

Here are the benefits of watching the videos and how it changes my emotion:

First and foremost, she has an unbelievable vocal and there are a lot of emotions embedded within her voice. I guess that"s the element that made the lady judge cry.

Listening to her songs changes my physiology (i.e. my heart beat, my feeling, my blood flow … etc).

There is a mixture of feeling of happy, touched, excited and many more in her songs. Those feelings make me want to listen to her songs over and over again. I"m sorry that I don"t know how to describe the feeling to you but it"s FANTASTIC!

Secondly, her story really inspires me (which is a positive feeling too :) ). Nothing is really impossible. I believe her story can eliminate the self-limiting believe in most people.

Thirdly, it helps me to release my tiredness and tension.

Finally, with all the positive feelings, I am able to attract more positive events into my life with the Law of Attraction.

All right, I guess I have to stop here as I can"t stop talking about her. ;)

Ohw, before I forget, just in case you are curious who the winner of the competition is, click here to find out. I believe that you can find more inspiring story there.

Click here to see another fantastic contestant, Paul Potts.

Enjoy your weekend and share your experience with us. ;)

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, I enjoy watching it, will look out more of her videos just like what I did to Paul Potts. I’ve noticed her while viewing Paul Potts but keep on putting off due to my busy schedule. Thanks to you as this is a reminded for me and it also good for my CD research. Wow! what a voice, pitch, talent and positive emotion.
      Raymond, does Bob Proctor means anchor of what’s written above. We need to associates something as to make it as a second nature so that the mind know how to react each time if we need to change our emotion instantly. Please correct me if I’m worng.
      Okay, thanks for sharing today post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’m glad that the videos help in your CD research.

      You are right. Bob Proctor means using music to switch our emotions from bad to good and good to better. :)

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