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Hey everyone,

As promised yesterday, I"m going to share some tips on how to overcome your stress in this Christmas season.

Actually, I have shared a series of stress tips before and you can read the previous stress tips here:

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And the bonus tip

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Okay, those are the previous tips

Here is more for you

Tip #5:

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Positive attitude is essential to overcome your stress. Think positively all the time because most of the time, what we have in our mind is not the same as what it is in reality.

There are a lot of things that happen where we can view it as good or as bad. It all depends on our attitude.

If you take the wrong path while you are driving, you can view it as wasting your time and gasoline while on the other hand, in the same situation, you can see it as it may avoid you from traffic jam, accidents, speed traps, road blocks … etc.

By having a positive attitude, you can reduce your stress significantly.

Here"s a scene:

Your spouse agreed to meet you at the main door of ABC shopping centre at 1.00 p.m.

You reached there 10 minutes earlier and you just wait there (perhaps reading your newspaper). Now it"s been 1.15 p.m. and your spouse is not yet in sight and you begin to feel uneasy because you gotta get back to the office by 2.30 p.m. and you afraid that you don"t have enough time with him/her.

You are getting impatient and you give him/her a call but nobody answer the phone. You just can"t reach your spouse.

Here"s there the stress come.

You may feel angry for him/her for being late and begin to think of what negative words to say to him/her. You begin to picture all the negative events that are about to happen such as fighting, scolding and screaming in the public … etc download redacted movie

On the other hand, if you are a more passive type, you may feel worry for him/her. And trying to be smart, you begin to imagine all the negative events for your spouse such as meet an accident, he/she don"t like you or trying to avoid you and so on.

These are negative attitudes.

Bear in mind that the Law of Attraction is always in action. If you think of something with high emotion intensity, chances are it will come true. So, STOP

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thinking about the craps.

In the 2 situations above, whether you are feeling angry or worry, it is not going to help the situation. It will only make things worse.

Here"s an example of positive attitude

watch my blueberry nights online If you consider yourself as a positive person, you may think that he/she is most probably caught in the traffic and hope that your spouse will arrive soon and you can"t reach his/her handphone probably because the battery is dead and it"s all not your spouse"s fault.

There"s also a possibility that he/she is trying to help others or save lives by sending people to the hospital.

I would use the waiting time to visualize her presence (in one piece and in perfect condition of course). At least that would help a lot and it redirect my focus from stress to visualize her presence

If it"s already time for you to go back to your office by the time he/she came, then, I would suggest you to hold the things and discussed it together when you reach home after works by expressing each other"s feelings and understand each other"s situation.

Always remember to carry positive attitudes with you. You will not only make people around you happy with your positive aura but also it helps you to reduce your stress and thus make you healthier.

Have a pleasant day!

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    • Living Rooms

      Managing stress is really important in these stress filled times, because the negative effects of stress on our health are increasingly coming to light. A timely post, thanks!

    • zaki blogjer

      This can be one of shopping tips too, or more suitable for shopping trip tips

    • raymond

      Hey Living Rooms,

      That’s quite right.

      The phrase “Stress the silent killer” is quite true.

      Stress has caused a huge number of chronic diseases.

    • raymond


      It can be both. :)

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