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Hey guys and gals, oh god book ii movie download

How are you feeling today? I hope you feel good, energetic, passionate, exciting and great all the time, like me :)

I was having a webinar with Stephen Pierce and his other students few days ago. Just a few minutes before the webinar started, a friend shared an absolutely cool video

with all of us in the chatroom.

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After watching the video, I was inspired, happy, touched … and the mixture of other feelings. The rate of my heartbeat changed. I suddenly lost the mood and the passion for the webinar.

Thanks to Anthony Robbins that I was able to switch my mood back for my webinar by using the simple whoosh! method.

Enough said. Let"s watch the video now!

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you like this video. I believe that there will be a lot of feelings rising from within your body. I know it"s hard to hold on those feeling and not sharing it because I have experienced it myself.

This is when the comment box becomes handy. Share your feeling and story with us. Scroll down and give us your comment. :)

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    • Marta

      Hi Raymond,

      I will download and look at it when I get home, my work comp doesn’t allow me to download the video…:(

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    • raymond

      Hi Marta,

      No problem. I hope you’ll enjoy it. :)

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      That was 4 months ago and he went on to win the contest! I had a 4 part mini series on it too. If you like paul, you will love little conny too, here’s the link:


    • raymond

      Hey James,

      Thank you for sharing this. You know I’ll like it :)

    • BrightnSunny

      Dear Raymond,
      I was in a complete awe when I watched this video a few months ago. As what James had commented, Paul sailed thru’ the contest and become the final winner. Whenever I watched this video, his story reminds me that everyone of us is made gifted in certain ways, and it is our duty to polish and refine the hidden treasure within .. thur’ hardwork, massive action and persistency. I am pretty sure behind Paul’s success, he must have put in tons of hardwork. Similarly, there is another little girl (6 yrs old) who went into the final with Paul, and was so gifted with her voice that tears start to flow when I watch her sing. Again, how she masters her talent is by singing everynight without fail before she goes to bed … if one wants to know more of her, one can check this …
      Again, keep doing what u do best and one day the world will bend toward u … Thanks for your sharing again … Raymond!!!

    • Marta


      I just finished watching it, I watched it twice and watched his semi final! Gee, that was awesome, outstanding…!! That’s what Tony said be an outstanding human being…I cried…really touching and inspiring…I am sure he now doing what he loves doing rather than being a car salesman. Thank’s Raymond for sharing this…

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    • raymond

      Hey BrightnSunny,

      I totally agree with you.

      Thank you for sharing the video. But when I to the site, the video is unavailable.

      Thank you for sharing it anyway. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Marta,

      It really touches my heart too. I’m glad that you got some inspiration from the video. :)

    • Alicia

      Hi Raymond, LOVED The video – did he go on to win? He won my heart!

    • raymond

      Hi Alicia, :)

      You make my day again. I can’t believe it. Hugs hugs. :)

      Yes, I believe that he have won it. He have won the competition and our hearts and inspired the world. ;)

      Thank you for coming. Hope to see you more (here). :)

    • Sue

      Hey Raymond

      You are a cruel man!!! :) Do you like to see a woman cry. I watched all the clips he sang in including where he won. I cried in each one. It would have been an absolutely awesome feeling to be in the audience. I felt the emotions of the people in the audience and envied each and everyone of them.

      Has he bought out a CD yet? I’m going to Google it right now.

      Thank you for sharing his with my family and myself.


    • raymond

      Hi Phoenix,

      You are most welcome.

      I do love to see women cry :P but it also depends on the situation, purpose and the atmosphere.

      In this case, YES!

      There are few types of crying and not all are bad. Some are good. Have you ever laugh until you cry?


    • Amira

      That was awesome! He blew me away. I thought am I being too emotional,then I saw the audience wiping away tears to and I knew, HE’S THE REAL DEAL. There are angels on this earth and one just bothered to let himself be known.

    • Gloria Hamilten

      That man has such humility, is so unasumming.

      This is the mark of a true creation of our Creator.

      He has respect for his talent – it doesn’t consume his negative ego.

      It is his positive ego, the one that shines to allow all of us to enjoy his talent that is magnificent.

      Like others here, I needed the tissues and my heart too drummed with awe-inspired beats.

      What a wonderful way to start the day.

      Raymond, you’re an angel too.


    • raymond

      Hi Amira,

      He is a raw diamond surrounded by the coal of this humility. :)

      Thank you for coming and welcome ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Gloria,

      Perhaps I can see some Kleenex on my blog. :)

      You have no idea how much I want to interview him and ask him how he put the Law of Attraction to work for him.

      I believe that he attracts all these.

      Watch out for more videos today!

      Thank you for dropping by. :)

    • Dik Mal

      Hi Raymond,

      Oh Paul Potts! I’ve seen him last few months. And yes, it inspired me. Erm, as you said, I also want to know, whats there deep inside his mind throughout the competition… LOA.. LOA..

    • raymond

      Hi Dik Mal,

      Haven’t see you for a while. I’m sure you miss me a lot ;)

      I love Connie’s presentation too. She’s just lovely. :)

      It always feels good to see the positive energy within them.

    • Denise

      Hi Raymond

      What a great thing to have on your blog. .yes I had the lump in my throat as well. It also reminds me of a friend of mine who lived life to the full and unfortunatley died at the weekend.This again reminds me about living my truth and its all about the bigger goal we have and what we are here to do……………any way moving on !!……… These type of programs started over here in the UK ( which is interesting considering how unemotional we are meant to be ?!). I actually watched this one. The guy is a total inspiration. I have his CD as well. ..and he is doing a series of concerts over here. Great for inspiration on a Thurdsay morning.
      Great blog by the way


      Denise ( New SMCC member)

    • raymond

      Hi Denise,

      I’m so glad to see you here. :)

      And I’m so sorry to hear the story of your friend.

      So, you are from UK too. Paul Potts, success is indeed very inspiring. At the same time. I love Connie’s singing too. What a great vocal she has at the age of 6. :)


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      I love it when someone sounds so amazing. You cannot help but be touched when you hear it.

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