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Few weeks ago, I made a silly mistake.

I was in a gas station and that is not the gas station I always go to because it was in another town. So the system is a little bit different and I was not aware of that.

In the gas station I used to go, the petrol and diesel is located in separate kiosk while in this

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gas station, the petrol and diesel are in the same kiosk.

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As usual, I just grab the nozzle on the left and pump it into my car. After a few second, OH NO! I have pumped in diesel into my car instead of petrol (my car is petrol base).

I stop the flow immediately. That was silly, I should have look at the label before I put it in. Realizing that the Law of Attraction is working all the time, I quickly change my emotion from feeling regret to feeling grateful. I feel grateful that I have just poured in a little bit diesel. I feel grateful that I realize the mistake before it was too late.

Then, I mixed it with a lot of petrol (gas) until the tank is full. Thank god, my car is still working but the sound is annoying (hmm… perhaps I should use other word to replace it as I don"t want to attract more things that annoy me)

Suddenly, I link the concept of The Power of The Third Influence with this incident which I will elaborate in the next post. opportunity knocks movie animatrix the divx movie online

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    • Liara Covert

      Sounds like you have a resilient engine. Glad everything worked out. If you’re engine could talk, what do you think it would tell you?

    • Raymond

      Hi Liara,

      If my engine could talk, I’ll freak out and faint.

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