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I got a very interesting email from one of my customers this morning. Actually, I have been visualized to get this kind of email since yesterday.

This is really cool and motivating. So, I would like to share it with you guys here after I get the permission from the sender, Michael.

All right, here"s the email:

Hi Raymond,

My name is Michael and I purchased Attraction Accelerator from you last week. Frankly, I doubted this little thing can make huge changes in my life. adventures of don juan dvdrip download never back down free

But, since I have already bought it, I decide to give it a try. I am a salesman selling nutrition supplements. I have average sales ranking in my company. The good news is I don"t have to afraid of get canned by my boss and the bad news is I don"t have enough for wife and kids.

Since I bought the Attraction Accelerator, I listen to it whenever I drive my car and while waiting for my customers. While listening to the Attraction Accelerator and the Attraction Activator, I can feel like there are fingers tapping certain parts of my brain.

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I can not describe exactly how it feels and which part of the brain it tapped but it feels so much relaxing and increase the potential of my brain (I can answer my customers question better after I listened to the Attraction Accelerator than when I am not).

Since then, my sales increase steadily as I can visualize better and become more creative in handling my customers.

Then I want to experiment with this stuff. I stopped listening to the Attraction Accelerator for 2 days because I want to be sure of the factor of my success. I want to see if it"s my luck factor, my skills factor or the Attraction Accelerator factor. in her shoes movie download

Guess what? My sales dropped back to the usual figure (Average). I was blown away and I can"t believe this. Without wanting to hurt my sales, I listen back to the Attraction Accelerator and my sales begin to improve.

Within a week, I got the second highest sales ranking in my company. My boss and team leader begin to treat me good. (in fact, so much better) and this gives me so much satisfaction in my job.

Now, I can feel the eagerness to go to work everyday and my next goal is to be the Sales Team Leader.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Raymond and the scientists who develop this audio. It literally changed my life.

God bless you,

Michael McConnan

—————– The End of the Email —————

I am very happy and impressed by Michael"s achievement. I personally think that his goal to become a team leader is too small and can be achieve in no time. Why not strive for something bigger like sales manager. Nothing is too huge for the universe.

The Law of Attraction works and never fails. Sending the right brainwave to the universe will attract the right things back to you.

Click here to get you Attraction Accelerator!

Make sure you come back for Steve Jobs inspiring stories tomorrow. I’m sure you can’t afford to miss that. You owe it to yourself. Stay tune!

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    • Dik Mal

      Hi Raymond!

      Whoa. That was really inspiring. I will get it soon. :)

    • raymond

      Hi DikMal,

      Wow! really? Thanks.

      I have a friend who claim she makes more money when she do her work while listening to Attraction Accelerator. (Her income is base on the quality of her work and her work required a lot of ideas everyday)

    • Dik Mal

      Whoa thats great. I will get it very soon. :)

    • raymond

      May success always be with you. :)

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