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Raise Your Standard

October 25, 2007 | 11 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today, I am going to continue with yesterday’s discussion download nightwatching dvdrip .

… When Tony Robbins was asked how he transform his life or what are the things that changed his life more than a decade ago, one of his answer will be, “Raise Your Standard”

It all starts with the commitment to change. That means you want to change and it means a lot to you.

It is not hoping for change. If you hope to change, you are not committed enough. It"s the matter of WANT, not HOPE frantic divx movie online .

Want means must. Hope means perhaps or maybe.

Here"s how you can raise your standard. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things in your life that you can no longer tolerate with. Get another piece of paper and write who you want to become, what you want to achieve and every single detail about it.

This simple action can give you a clear picture on what you want. Far to my knowledge, most people skip this step because they think that it"s stupid to do that and claimed that it won"t be effective because it"s too easy.

Well, write on a piece of paper is easy but the thinking job is hard (for some of them, at least). Most people want to avoid that because they don"t know what they really want. So they sabotage themselves by saying that. Those were just excuses to cover their pain and uncertainties.

Let me give you an example

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There was a guy who was selling hamburger by the road side and earned only $50 per day. When he was asked, why he didn"t make more, he said that it"s because his family told him that he can never make more than 100 bucks from selling burgers.

His parents told him that. His siblings, friends, uncles and aunts told him the same thing. Slowly, it created a self-limiting believe within him and that explains why he had never made 100 bucks before.

The pattern continued until one day, when he met a guy who was very pity for him. The guy broke his pattern, changed his self limiting believe and taught him how to raise his standard SKILFULLY.

All right, to make the long story short (I don"t want to write a biography here :) ), this burger seller managed to set up a restaurant within 2 years after he met that guy.

What he did?

He raises his standard.

I was amazed when I heard this, years ago. He only uses one little formula that was taught by Tony Robbins

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and he can make such a huge lasting changes.

As I type this, I am wondering, “Can he beat McDonalds if he attends one of Anthony Robbins seminars?” :)

I believe he could as there"s nothing impossible in this world. If Tony Robbins

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can make such huge changes in 8 years, why can"t he?

Raymond Chua signature

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thank God you received my mail, the minute I sent out it was down again. I got to wait until now hopefully everything fine now.
      Thanks for today post the continuation discussion I do agree too about commitment and the words between want and hope. Positive people don’t said “I hope I made it” or “I hope I passed my exam” it always about using positive words more often and be confident same time.
      May I ask does T Method similar what’s written above this is one of the many posts I read here before.
      Thanks for sharing the example that guy is very fortunate as he has someone showing him the skill of how to raise his standard. Yes, everybody can make it you just got to believe in yourself. Once again thanks for sharing today post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      It’s quite similar to T-method.

      The guy is fortunate because he attracted that.

      There are a lot of things which I get today comes from my attraction when I was a kid.

      Now, when I look back, I begin to understand how the Law of Attraction works. Experience really teach me a lot of things. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks. In this case that guy attracted it. Let just supposed he didn’t know anything about LOA by just simply thinking, planning or dreaming about it he is actually applying the LOA. This is similar to R&P your friend remember.
      This also similar when we were kids our imagination and dream is great and beyond. But when we grew older with no support and encouragement the dream just faded away. But for those who still keep on attracting will get it eventually. You know Raymond it just about thought where it all started and some said that thought travel faster than speed of light hey am I right you know more about Physic and I’m still learning and curious all time how it’s related to LOA or is it more about nature or nuture. Okay will be seeing you in Paul Potts post as I have been wanting to give comments but failed many time. See you again and my computer doing well.

    • Donald Mckenzie Jr

      This is a great blog and very inspirational. Keep up the great work.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I did attract a lot of things, good and bad, long before I know the Law of Attraction too. :)

      I believe that most people do. It’s just that people don’t realize it but who cares. LOA is a universal law that work anytime on anybody.

      For those who don’t understand or believe in gravity, it doesn’t mean that he/she won’t fall down, right? :)

      According to Einstein Postulate, nothing can travel faster than light. When you travel at the speed of light, you are actually travel through time.

      That is where the relativity theory came in.

      That’s how people can dream of the future. It’s because their brain wave has traveled near or equal to the speed of light to reach there.

      I’m not sure if there’s any exception for the postulate. I haven’t updated my physics knowledge for 4 years. ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Donald,

      Thanks for your visit and encouragement.

      I’m glad to see you here. I will keep it up. ;)

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      Raising standard is definitely a must if you wish to improve your life.

      And it’s not about raising it once but a continuous evaluation of our goals and standards throughout our life and then raising the bar again to keep us moving.

      Who says you can’t be the next Mac? They started from nothing too. :)


    • Pingback: Law of Attraction : Law of Attraction

    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Thanks for highlighting that. I almost forgot about the continuous evaluation.

      But make sure to keep the bar up and not down. ;)

      Anybody can do better than Mac (if we want to) :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for responding. I think I do the research of the above though I’m not familiar to certain facts but I do know Albert Einstein-in addition to his masterful treatise on Relativity has published over 240 other scientific papers. Will share if I can find the facts. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you for sharing the fact.

      Your passion to share is so strong. :)

      I’m glad to have you here.

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