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Have you ever scolded someone or being scolded by someone? I do for both cases and I"m sure you all do too.

As we know scolding makes the person who get scolded feel bad and it kills all the positive energy in the surrounding and replace that with high intensity of negative energy.

What if I tell you that there"s a kind of scolding that can make you laugh and increase the intensity of the positive aura that you emit out?

Find it hard to believe? the babysitters dvd

Here it is, the video that jam-packed with mum"s advice and scolding. This will sure make you laugh like crazy (unless you don"t understand English)

Get ready and hit the play button. vampire in brooklyn divx download

watch rough around the edges live from madison square garden in divx

I"m sure you have something to say. Say it! (comment)day of the dead dvdrip download

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Raymond, my hat’s off to you. This is fantastic. As a parent I can really appreciate it though I wonder what the reaction of children will be to it! What is yours? How do you find the time to find such treasures?

    • Benjamin


      Like I said, I am going to visit you blog now every day for the positive energy, and boy did you get me smiling today XD

      With my warmest regards,

      Day 2 – 30, forming a new habit

    • selatMelaka

      Just to give my opinion,
      Better to advice properly than scold them like hell..

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Great to see that you’re still on track. :)

      Glad that you enjoy the video too.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I’m still single. So, nothing to comment about my children yet. :)

      Good stuffs are often pass around via the internet. :P

    • raymond

      Hi SelatMelaka,

      That’s the key to walk into the children’s heart. :)

    • PSP Go

      Great stuff, I am sending the link to this comment to all the parents that I know.

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