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Have you ever set a goal for yourself? If you do, chances are you give yourself a deadline too just to make sure that you reach your goal on time.

When I read the Revolutioniz series, I was quite surprise to learned that set deadlines for yourself is actually harmful (in most of the cases)

Here’s the author’s point of view:

He said that most people have a limited sense of possibilities. That means, we don’t really know what exactly is going to happen in the future.

Deadlines sabotage your effort

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Like I said earlier, in most cases, we don’t really know exactly how much time will it take for our goals to be manifested.

Let’s say if you want to have your dream car manifested, do you know exactly how much time will it take? Probably not unless you have a specific plan such as you are earning $100,000 per month and you are going to put away $70,000 away for your dream car.

If you do not have a specific plan, strategy and certainty, the deadline might give you more harm than good.

If you set your deadline too early, you may be end up feeling guilty, stress and other negative emotions. From the Law of Attraction, negative emotions created negative actions and thus gives you the negative results which I believe something you don’t really want.

What if you give yourself too much time? Probably you’ll just sitting on the couch everyday doing nothing and wait for what you desire to come to you. (because you still have plenty of time)

So, either way, you lose. You won’t reach your goal. You begin to feel stress and guilty and you are just a step away from giving up your dreams (if you have not).

Deadline is good for things like project management where you have control over the performance of yourself and you can predict how long they can realistically take.

But not is the manifestation of your dreams by using the Law of Attraction because you have no control of how it will come to you and how long it will take to create the balance in the universe.

In the Revolutioniz download i spy movie book, you’ll learn how to overcome this “deadline” mistake and you’ll also find out why money is a con goal.

So, are you ready to apply this knowledge in your Law of Attraction guinevere dvdrip download machine?

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    • Hai Liang

      Wow Raymond, as I read more of your articles, I find out more problems about myself!

      Do you have a bug planted in my house?! I was just discussing my goals with my girlfriend last week and about how time is running out. You’re right that deadlines is giving me stress, especially when I have set it as a new year’s resolution for this year and working to achieve it before the year is out.

      Perhaps I need to get rid of my deadlines…

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      I don;t have any bug in your house but I live next door to you. :) (just kidding)

      If the deadline give you so much stress, then get rid of it.

    • Eva White

      Personaly I feel that if I don’t give myself a deadline I am never going to get the task done. At the same time I never make New Year resolutions that I know I won’t be able to keep thus eliminating all the stress.

    • raymond

      Hi Eva,

      It depends on the situation.

      It’s good to have a dateline for the environment which you can control. :)

    • Coral Snake

      yes, it all depends on the situation, and the person, I mean for myself it can be stressful having a deadline, but it does help me get the job done … because i have a tendency to procrastinate :P

    • Land Projects UK

      I agree that it depends on the situation. There are things that are needed to be done on a certain time so you have no choice but to meet that deadline. I understand that setting deadline is not a good thing and stressful to think that you are pressured to finish.

    • raymond

      Hi Coral Snake and Land Project UK,

      Deadline is important for the goal which you have control over it such as finish a project or clean your garden.

      But for the goal which you have no idea how it will come about, such as manifesting a relationship, cure a sickness and so on, deadline can cause more hard than good. :)

    • andrew

      Great post. The biggest issue I come up with in regards to deadlines is that I get a ton of resistance that comes up. I don’t beat myself up with them, but like other folks said, you can use them to keep you motivated, even if that’s just motivated to stay in the feeling place of already having your desires. I also use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – kind of like acupressure) to help release the emotional pain and frustration around it. You can learn a little more about it at .
      So I use the deadline to bring up the inner barriers/self-doubt feelings so that I can let go of them.

    • raymond

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for sharing about the EFT. I’ve read them about it more than a year ago but never really persistent in applying it. :P

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