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Last night, just right before I went to bed, I expressed my gratitude by feeling grateful for another wonderful day. I really love what I do and all the things I have including my life.

Though, I"m working to make it even better. ;)

As usual, I play the mental programming hypnosis audio file which will lead me to sleep. The audio file that I played led me in to a deep alpha state and it programs my sub-conscious mind to find all the solutions to all my problems in my sleep (though I don"t really know what are the problems that I actually have and I never think of them). Pretty interesting, huh

So, as I was sleeping in the night, something flashed back into my memory. (I"m not sure if that"s a dream or what)

I recalled how I solve my mathematics problems in my sleep when I was a teenager.

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You know, not all mathematical problems can be solve using equations especially when it comes to higher level of elementary Mathematics and Calculus. It involves a lot of manipulation.

And the story begins

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I remember that one day (a decade ago), as I was doing my homework in my room, I was doing a tough question where I can"t find the solution to the Math questions even though I have tried it for an hour but still fail to manipulate the equation.

Who knows, I might be stressed up or too tired. So, I decide to go to sleep to cool down and I took a nap with the Mathematical problem in that particular afternoon.

After half an hour, I woke up and do the same question again. Wow! I was able to solve it within 5 minutes and that incident really amazed me by that point of time and it left a deep impact to me because I can"t figure out how it happened. It was just amazing!

It wasn"t until last night that I began to connect the dots and understand the whole thing. It has something to do with our subconscious mind battlestar galactica razor download and the Law of Attraction. When we are asleep, our mind doesn"t stop working.

We are unconscious but our subconscious mind

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is working on the problem. It keeps on emitting the brainwave to attract the solution from the universe.

That"s exactly how I was being able to solve the Mathematical problems after the nap. I suddenly have a different approach to solve the problem.

No doubt, our mind is a very powerful tool IF we know how to use it properly.

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Stay tune!

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    • Han

      hi raymond…
      first time leave a comment here…hehe…
      i read this artical, i remember something that i think before i sleep… i think about my exam question that i can do that question before…
      tomorow i have went to my exam paper, i can do better…i also don’t know why…
      when i see my result, that paper i got A+…
      i really happy about that paper because before that i can’t do it…
      maybe this problem like this artical…

      sory if not understand what i said here…hehe..
      my english very poor…

    • raymond

      Hi Han,

      Thanks for coming. It’s really nice to learn that you got A+ for your exam.

      Perhaps you have programmed your subconscious mind to make it possible. ;)

      It doesn’t matter if your English is not as good as Shakespeare’s. At least you have the courage to try. That’s the thing that admire me. :)

      “Judge not those who try and fail, Jodge those who fail to try.”

      Come again!

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m testing hope you received this problem again. Thanks for today post.

    • Tina Su

      Great Post! Thanks for inspiring me. I really enjoy the content of your blog.

      Love & Gratitude,
      Think Simple. Be Decisive.
      ~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Finally I can send this message, I been busy today.
      Today post quite interesting though trying hard to understand how this subc mind work. In my understanding before we sleep whatever is the last thing in our mind will be consolidate or intergrate hey am I saying the right thing I’ve read somewhere but yet to recall what it meant.
      In your case the subc mind is communicating with the cm in images or dream may be picture that their language I supposed. So I guess that is how you managed to solve you Math problem. Raymond am I right too much reading at time got mix up. Another things I always ask what does LOA got to do with this. My only guess is since the mind did not sleep it still thinks of how to do solve things eventually somehow rather it attract the LOA in whatever it think. Sorry if my comments a bit confusing correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks again for today post.

    • redha

      Thanks Raymond,
      I learn more and more abaut LOW, and I started enjoy it in my life.
      Thanks again…

    • raymond

      Hi Tina,

      Love to hear that you enjoy it.

      I just came back from your blog and left a comment there. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Right! Our brain never stop working even while we are sleeping, especially the subconscious mind. :)

      And of course, it has everything to do with the Law of Attraction.

    • Susan

      I find that reading the material right before I sleep, then thinking about it as I drift off to sleep really helps. If I read it again in the morning, it’s cemented in there.

    • raymond

      Hi Susan,

      Good for you. :)

      It happens to me too.

      Our mind is always working even while we are sleeping.

      I’m so glad that you have found another secret to increase your memory power. ;)

      Thanks for sharing your comment.

    • Lesly Louis

      Pretty interesting…I enjoyed reading it.

    • raymond

      Hi Lesly,

      Thanks. And remember to come again. :)

    • Beds

      I want to use the law of attraction (as described in the secret) to get this girl that I’m interested in. How can this be done? How can I understand the law of attraction more, and apply it to my life? It has really intrigued me. Serious answers please.

    • colocation

      That is really cool ,I can’t recall something like this happening to me but i have had issues that seemed to solve themselves once i let go of them. I will have to try this out and see if I can subconsciously figure out some math equations. Would be an interesting experiment.

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