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Mind-map showing a wide range of nonhierarchical relationships

Did you enjoy the story yesterday

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? I enjoy that philosophy very much.

Here’s one of the ways which I use that saves me a huge amount of time. By mastering this technique, you can literally squeeze out plenty of time from your daily task but only if you know how to do it properly.

Let’s watch this video

Notice what Tony Buzan shared about how our brain works and how it perceived the mind map. If you wish to get a copy of his software, you can get it here. download cave the dvdrip

phenomenon movie

So, what does extra time means to you? For me, it means more time for visualization

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, more time for meditation and more time enjoy my life. When I have more time for all these, guess what.

That means I can leverage on the Law of Attraction to the fullest. Let’s save more time and live in our desirable lives!

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    • Heru

      Mindmap has been part of my life. It is a good thing that you bring it up.

    • raymond

      Hi Heru,

      It’s absolutely a great tool to get organize. :)

    • Chuck Frey

      There are several ways that mind mapping software can save you time: First of all, by enabling you to clarify your thoughts, make better decisions and take more purposeful direction. Secondly, because you can attach files, web pages and (in some programs) individual e-mails, you can create a set of shortcuts to all of your key files related to a goal or project. What can you do with all of the time you’ll save? Use it to think creatively about the goals you’d like to reach! If you haven’t explored the world of mind mapping software, I’d like to recommend that you read my Mind Mapping Manifesto. It explains what all the excitement is about, and how you can benefit from this powerful tool.

    • raymond

      Thanks for the recommendation, Chuck.

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