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Stop Paddling

August 22, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Hi folks. I hope you enjoy the video download hunt for the unicorn killer the yesterday. Today, I am going to give some comment or opinion on the video.

I agree with her that we should stop paddling against the stream. Why want to go upstream and follow the crowd when there"s nothing you want up there.

This is mass psychology. People tend to follow what most people do. They don"t have a clear vision of why they want to do that. All they care is, don"t want to look weird to others. They live their lives under people shadows.

If you remember the earlier post where I showed a video on Steve Jobs’ commencement, he stated that life is short. So don"t live in others’ life. How true is that?

We should work our way out and live in our own life. We create our own life. I would like to quote what Dr Joe Vitale said in The Secret movie,

“You are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life.”

This is what I mean by Stop Paddling. Go with the flow. Follow your instinct. Trust your heart. Don"t paddle against the stream. That"s crazy because you"re working so hard on your part and you don"t know why you want to get there.

You just fight your way there because you see people go there or people ask you to go there without telling you the purpose.

Most of us know that but few actually do it. It is still more comfortable to live under peoples’ shadow. Not many are willing to move out from their comfort zone.

So, I hope the video has wakened you up from the long sleep. Take action and change your life today.

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