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I have a story to share with you today. It goes like this.

In a jungle, lives a fierce tiger and one day, when the tiger is searching for its prey, it saw a poodle.

The tiger was thinking, “What the hell is this?” because it has never seen one before.

“Who cares, I’ll just have to attack it at the speed of light, kill it and eat it”

At this point of time, the poodle was alerted that it has become the target of the tiger. The poodle thought hard to escape from being the victim of the tiger. Just as it looked around, it saw a pile of bones not far away from him.

An idea struck its mind and the poodle quickly said, “Hmm … that was a delicious tiger” meanwhile looking at the pile of bones.

The tiger, which has just prepared to attack the poodle, SHOCKED! He quickly dropped his intention and tried to get as far away from the poodle as possible.

The whole incident was witnessed by a monkey from the top of a tree. The monkey took this opportunity to make a deal with the tiger. Without delay, the monkey went to get the tiger.

“I want to make a deal with you. I have some important information you can not afford to ignore. It has to do with your pride and I would like to exchange the information with some protection from you”

The tiger agreed and the monkey told the tiger about the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The tiger got very furious. He wanted to kill the poodle right away, tear it apart, chew it and swallow it.

The poodle feels the fear coming back when it sees the same tiger walking furiously towards it with the monkey sitting behind him.

The poodle was really anxious and screamed, “Where is the damn monkey? Why does it take so long to get me a tiger?”

End of story.

This story teaches me that no matter how huge your obstacle is, you can always redirect it with little effort but you must know the right effort to take.

It is not about the obstacle that is coming your way. It is what you do with the obstacle that counts.

The same goes for the Law of Attraction. You may face some obstacles when you learn to apply the Law of Attraction in your life such as you find it hard to visualize your goals, you can’t focus on your intention or you can’t keep the positive energy.

All these are the potential obstacles and this is not a problem at all. These are just symptoms. They tell you that something is not right or need improvement within you.

So, be like a poodle, find a creative way out instead of giving up your goals and let life happens to you.

To overcome the visualization problem, you can always use visualization software

or a vision board download cobra movie

to help you.

Meditation and hypnosis audio are some great ways to increase your focus to your goals by affirm it over and over again to your subconscious mind.

With the right tools in your hand, you’ll find yourself working smart instead of working hard to achieve your goals.

Be like a poodle and work smart to scare away your obstacles instead of killed by it.

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    • Beach Parties

      Thanks for your teaching story. As it is stated in the story, lingering over the cause of the problem will keep the person away the solution. Sometimes we can make a small problem as big as a mountain, even if we have the power to overcome it.

    • raymond

      Hi Beach Parties,

      If we can make a little success as big as a mountain, that’ll be better. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      This is a very nice story to illustrate a very important aspect of LOA. You have, as usual, tied up the two very nicely and have made an effective message. My compliments.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thank you for the compliment. :)

    • Nicole Price

      Super story! After all brain is better than brawn and the pen is mightier than the sword!

    • raymond

      Well said, Nicole. Love the phrase. :)

    • Quotes

      The story is interesting indeed. It rpoves that strength without ability to use it right worth nothing

    • raymond

      Hi Quotes,

      Strength is just a tool. Not a power. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      Thank you for this story. It really depicts of brainless animal like a lion.

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