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Switch On Your Light

August 8, 2007 | 2 Comments

This article is a continuation from the last article. If you haven"t read the previous article, then I strongly recommend you to read it here to get the full picture of the Idea.

Today"s article will focus on the solution for the NO IDEA Issue.

Our subconscious mind is very powerful. What ever we say or think, whether you mean it or not, your subconscious mind will take it as true facts. Our subconscious mind can not make judgments.

That explain why we must be very careful with the words that we say and the thought that we think.

So, one of the solutions to get ideas is to do some mental catch-up and mind-keeping. Throw away the negative ways of saying and replace it with some positive phrases such as:

“How can I get more great ideas for my articles?”

“How else can I make money?”

“I need more fantastic ideas for my new projects.”

“What are the better ways to teach my kids?”

Positive keywords: can, else, fantastic, better. free vacancy 2

When we use these positive phrases, we open our mind to the world of possibilities. We put our mind in alignment with the universe.

Still remember the 3 simple steps of the Law of Attraction? Ask, Believe and Receive. When we ask the right questions, we will receive the right answer and vice versa.

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After we have tune our mind to think in the correct way, the light of our consciousness will be turned on and ideas will begin to bombard your mind like moths flying to the light.

Once this happens, your creative mind will take charge and it will connect you with the people, situations, conditions and places and you will get all the ideas you want.

You can bring this ideas generating method to the next level by listening to the Attraction Accelerator download crooked aka soft target dvdrip soft music while you attract ideas. This music is specially design by a group of scientists to set our brain to emit the correct brainwave to visualize and attract great ideas.

I highly recommend this Attraction Accelerator’s stuffs because I use this method myself and the wonders are unimaginable.

With these powerful methods, I"m sure generating great ideas will no longer be your problem.

Good Luck!

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is a belated reply from a new reader just going through your many written articles. Interesting indeed it is just the Law of the Mind the subconscious just would not accept negative word coz we see in picture not word. Each time a negative word is spoken such as don’t, can’t etc it will be deleted. The mind will show of what being said eg if we were to say I am not nervous the mind will show you as a nervous person.
      I use not to understand term not is not included and so about seeing in pictures. Okay I stop for a momemt.
      Thanks again for the many articles which I’ve yet to read.
      CU SMILE

    • raymond

      It’s nice to learn that somebody is digging my past articles to read them all. :)

      I used to attract negative circumstances unconsciously until I learn about the concept of the Law of Attraction.

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