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I remember the first time I attended T Harv Eker"s seminar several months ago. No. That is not a Millionaire Mindset Intensive seminar. It"s kind of personal development seminar where there are around 10 speakers to speak for the whole event.

Some of them are Mark Victor Hansen, the author of The Chicken Soup series, Andrew Matthews, Stephen Pierce

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and Jay Abraham. So, T. Harv Eker only had 90 minutes to speak on the stage.

Within this 90 minute, he shared with us a very good example of financial blueprint and how we develop it unconsciously within us.

Imagine this.

A little girl sees an ice-cream vendor passes by and wants to buy an ice cream. So she tells her mother,

“Mum, can I buy an ice cream?”

“I don"t know, go and ask your dad.”

So, this little girl goes and asks his dad to buy an ice cream for her. Sure enough his dad buys it for her.

When it comes to the second time, the same thing happens. The same situation repeats for the third time, fourth time, fifth time, sixth time and so on.

As time goes by, the little girl learns that men have more power to make decision and money could get her whatever she wants compare to women.

When she grows up later, what kind of men do you think she would want to choose? The rich one or the poor one?

The answer is pretty obvious. download this christmas divx

That"s her financial blueprint in the cold of the night divx .

Our financial blueprint develops within us unconsciously and it"s dangerous if you have the wrong financial blueprint. Note that I am not trying to judge the little girl"s financial blueprint. That"s just an example of a financial blueprint.

The good news is that we can change our financial blueprint if we know how. You don"t have to worry about that because T. Harv Eker

is going to be in Singapore on this 23rd – 25th November 2007.

You can register yourself by clicking here.

IF you have not watched T Harv Eker’s seminar, please click here to watch it elite squad the movie download .

P.S. A friend of mine who works in the organizer"s office told me that his seminar"s ticket in US always SOLD OUT! And that"s without doing any form of marketing other than spreading through word of mouth (Like what I"m telling you now)

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    • shueqry

      owh, i’ve read his Millionaire Mind book twice!

      I’ve used some of his technique, especialy on my motivation blog.

      Inspiring post :)

      - Shueqry -

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    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      That is really fantastic!

      The really cool thing is that you actually apply it in your life. :)

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    • gale

      great example with the girl and the ice-cream. first time here at your blog and i love the content! keep it up raymond

    • raymond

      Hi Gale,

      First of all, welcome to this blog.

      I was impressed by the example too.

      Thanks for your comment and come again. :)

    • James H.

      As mentioned, the little girl’s story is an excellent example. As with anything in life, people unknowingly carry a lot of negative limiting beliefs. It’s good to sit down and assess these from time to time, and your “financial blueprint” is a very pragmatic thing that’s going to affect how you live your life. Thanks for sharing :)

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