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I remember 6 years ago when I was in a MLM group meeting, I was told a story. It goes like this …

There was once a flood in a small town. A kind man saw a priest standing on a roof and quickly came and tried to help him with his little canoe.

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“Come! Hold my hand and jump into my canoe. We will be safe.”

“No, my friend. God will come and help me. Thanks”, replied the priest.

Half an hour later, the water level has risen to the level of his (the priest) waist and then a rescue boat came.

“Come on! Give me your hand. We will bring you to a safer place.” One of the men said.

“Thank you for your kindness, but, no. God will come and help me”, replied the priest again and the boat left.

15 minutes later, the water level has reached his neck. At this very moment, a helicopter passed by and dropped a long rope.

“Tie yourself with the rope and we will bring you to a safe place”, shouted a man from the helicopter.

“Go and help other people. God will come and save me” the priest smiled and shouted back and the helicopter left him.

After 10 minutes, the priest was drowned and died. When he reached the heaven, the first thing he said to god is …

“God, I have a very strong faith with you and I pray to you everyday. Why? Why don"t you come and help me from the flood?” said the priest.

“Pardon me! I sent the canoe to save you and you turned me away. I thought you think that the canoe is too small for you so I sent you a bigger boat. Again, you turned me down. I thought you have phobia traveling on a boat so finally, I sent you a helicopter. You ask me to go to save other people. Now, you are standing here and blaming me for not helping you.”

Moral of the story: TAKE ACTION!

If you are visualizing your thought, feel your dreams, support it with positive emotions and feel grateful in your life, it is not enough to make your dreams come true. gym teacher the movie dvdrip

You must take action! If you are not taking action, you are going to end up like the priest in the story.

Why not we begin with a little action first such as posting comments for this blog post?3 blind mice online download changeling movie

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    • Liara Covert

      The story you share also reminds people to open their eyes to the wider significance of what is happening around them. We tend to be quick to assume things based on our limited understanding and forget there’s more to life.

    • raymond

      Right, most of the time, we oversee the opportunity and keep waiting for “the opportunity”

    • Carlos Villegas

      I see that this story leaves us an interesting message. We must understand life is not literal, but full of examples that show us we must be open minded and with positive attitude to understand meanings that lead us to happiness.

    • Raymond

      You are right Carlos. Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find a lot of great stuffs here.

      See you around!

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