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The Solar System, (not to scale - actually ver...Image via WikipediaI hope that you have listened to the Bob Proctor’s Teleseminar man on fire divx movie online last Tuesday and in case you couldn’t get in the line, thank God that they have recorded the teleseminar.

I’m sure that you have received the email, which showed you the download link to the teleseminar mp3 (Unless you didn’t subscribe to the teleseminar).

If you have not, go here now to listen to it

I’m so excited when I found out that I can download the mp3 and I listened to it over and over again especially during my mealtime and jogging time.

In the call, Bob Proctor himself admitted that the Law of Attraction alone is not enough and it’s just an ingredient in the recipe.

Actually, all laws, including the 11 Forgotten Laws are being mentioned in The Secret movie. It’s just that they put more weight in the Law of Attraction and not talk much about the other laws such as the Law of Non-Resistance, the Law of Thinking, the Law of Supply and so on.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the call, which is probably in your mind now is, “Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work?” And I think Bob has given a very brilliant answer to that question.

He said that if it’s a law, that means it works anytime, for anyone and anywhere in exactly the same way. The law is not bias.

When people are saying that, “the Law of Attraction is not working,” what they really mean is it doesn’t work the way they want it. I actually wrote about this before and if you are my subscriber, you can refer back to the email with the title, “It’s because you want to know.”

The law, and I mean every law, is always working, either in the way you want it to be or otherwise. The law always works whether in the way you want it or not.

Take the Law of Gravity for an example. If a brick fall off from a building and hit you on your head, it may not work the way you want it. However, you may love it if the gravity keeps your car from floating around.

In both cases, the Law of Gravity works. It’s just that one works in the way you want it while the other does not.

So, the point I want to bring out is, the law, be it the Law of Attraction or the Law of Gravity or whatever law it is, always works whether in your favor or not. It is extremely important to understand all other laws because no law is a standalone law. Every law in the universe is interconnected.

Here’s why the 11 forgotten laws is designed. It is intended to make people consciously aware of the other laws that work together with the law of attraction and how to make them all work for you, so that you can reap great benefits out of it.

There are 12 laws altogether. One of them is the Law of Attraction which we all know and always aware and heard of. The rest are what Bob considers as the forgotten laws.

Some of the forgotten laws are:

The Law of Increase

The Law of Compensation

The Law of Non-Resistant

The Law of Forgiveness and so on…

You can read the rest of the forgotten laws here

I hope you enjoyed and reaped some great benefits from the call (or from the downloadable mp3).

Click here to check out the 11 Forgotten Laws

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    • Carol King

      Hi, this is a great blog you have, very informative. I would like to invite you to join in the 30 day challenge on my blog. My aim is to get 50 participants, I hope you will join us. Many blesssings.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Good to have you blogging regularly again Raymond. This post of course is loud and clear in its message. Congratulations.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I’m so glad to see your comment every time. Thank you for being such a loyal and supportive readers. Your comments make this blog alive. :)

    • bilgi

      Hmmm… This post of course is loud and clear in its message.

    • raymond

      Hi Bilgi,

      Thank you. :)

    • Benjamin

      Thanks for the article. Looking forward to listen to the mp3 with Bob Procter :)

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      You may want to listen to it over and over again (and get addicted, like me :) )

    • Nancy Wylde

      Thanks for the article. The Law of attraction definately works! I pasted a picture of a yellow sports car ( my husband’s favourite) in my vision book. I didn’t give it another thought and he was offerred the opportunity to buy this exact model and colour some eight weeks later for a fraction of the price it is worth. In my latest work ( Ticket to Freedom)I detail how we attract what we think about.
      Nancy Wylde

    • raymond

      Hi Nancy,

      That’s for sharing that. It’s interesting to experience that. :)

    • Andy, Singapore Online Florist

      I’ve a dear army buddy by the same name (1st and last), when I stumbled over your blog, I decided to check it out though I didn’t think it’s likely created by him. Am glad nonetheless that I stumbled over this interesting and resourceful blog.

      Anyway, thanks for the great post, I’ve also downloaded the Attraction Acceleration Report.
      I’d love to check out also Bob Proctor’s, I checked out the link, I think it’s not a free download, if I’m wrong, would greatly appreciate your kind correction. Finally, ‘The Secret’ video is also illuminating and definitely high quality production.

    • raymond

      Hi Andy,

      The Attraction Accelerator report is Free.

      The teleseminar is also free. (just found out that they had taken it off and replace it with the sales page)

      but the 11 Forgotten Laws is a paid program.

      “The Secret” video is indeed one of the greatest movie I have ever watched. I hope you enjoy it too. :)

    • Car Blog

      The premise of “The Secret” is anybody can get what they want, i.e. fame, success, weath,…

      If you do not get what you want, it is your own fault.

      Is this something new?

    • raymond

      Hi Car blog,

      This is not something new but it is worth a reminder. :)

    • Multivitamin Vitamine Blog

      I believe the most frequent reason why the law of attraction might not work for many people is: they set goals which do not truely stir excitement in them. They come to goals of the type “Oh, yes – that would be nice!” but then they do not take action.
      Because it does not excite them. So, it’s a burden to follow the path for reaching that kind of goal. It doesn’t empower them and as a result they basically forget about it. Then by remembering one day, they say “Oh BTW, did I not try this goal setting to attract a goal a year ago? Nothing happened, it doesn’t work!”
      The real challenge is: Find what excites you truely.
      This is such a challenge because we have an education that sets us into a kind of frame which might be totally inappropriate for us. It’s quite difficult to break this frame because “ethics” suggest you stay inside. Staying inside your frame, however, means: staying inside the range which you already experienced. Breaking out means some voice inside you will want to make you believe that this new thing is crazy, unethical or the like, even ruthless.
      To a certain extend, my experience, you need to become ruthless whenever you want to achieve new goals outside your box.
      My two cents on that.
      I am sceptical regarding 11 new laws! This is a distraction from what really counts: Come clear with what you really want and you’ll go ahead without exhaustion.

    • cece23

      I have done an extensive search of the internet to try and find out the 11 forgotton laws – and they ALL take me to the bob proctor 11 forgotton laws site. I dont want the whole program, just to know what the 11 laws are. Is everyone affiliated with Bob Proctor? He must be one heck of a rich guy and I dont just mean because of the loa.

    • raymond

      Hi Multivitamin,

      Most people don’t take action because it is not a sexy part of the whole process of manifestation. Most people want it the way of “think and get it IMMEDIATELY!”

      I agree with you on that.

      As for the 11 Forgotten Laws, in my opinion, they serve as pieces of puzzle which complete the whole picture rather than just another distraction.

      Gravity pulls things down but why birds still can fly? You’ll never be able to figure it out without the understanding of other laws of nature.

      One piece of puzzle will never tell you the whole picture. Just my 2 cents. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Cece23,

      If you do not resist the sales message, you should have found the answer by now. Just scroll down and keep your mind open.

      I hope it helps in your research. :)

    • cece23

      Hi Raymond
      Oh yeah, I see, its very obvious now! Darn I wish I could afford that course – its a shame it’s not priced for those who need it the most lol!

    • raymond

      Hi cece23,

      I wanna share one of my favorite quotes with you:

      “Rich people think how can I afford it …”
      - Robert Kiyosaki

      Let me give you a suggestion, if you can save $3-4 a day, you should be able to own it within a month.

      Imagine how much time Bob has spent to learn all these information and the effort to put them together.

      And the best thing is, you’ll just have to save $3-4 a day for a month to gain all these knowledge. You get the unfair advantage.

      All the best! ;)

    • cece23

      Lol Raymond, I don’t have enough money to put aside that amount per day – I wish! But I do get your point. Fortunately I have Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich so I guess I’ll continue to work with that, I am guessing that is where a lot of the ‘laws’ originate from anyway.

    • raymond

      Hi cece23,

      Yes, you can start from there. It’s a great place to start with. All the best to you. :)

    • 2009 Thomas wylde

      I believe the most frequent reason why the law of attraction might not work for many people is: they set goals which do not truely stir excitement in them. They come to goals of the type “Oh, yes – that would be nice!” but then they do not take action.

    • raymond

      Hi Thomas,

      I can’t agree more with you. I can see lots of such examples around me.

    • Kaylee Lopez

      Teleseminars are really very helpful and i always look for it on the internet.”::

      • raymond

        Hi Kaylee,

        I hope you find this one helpful too.

    • Grants

      Super helpful, thanks a ton for all of the quality content. I think I’m going to pick up the Optimindzation book!

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