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I have just finished editing my upcoming ebook about stress and I would like to share one of the tips on how to reduce your stress with you.

In order to leverage on the power of the Law of Attraction download rocketman movie , we must not only feel the positive emotions but we must also get rid of the negative emotions such as stress, anger and depression download awake online download family guy presents stewie griffin the untold story .

It is useless to think positively if you have the anger, stress and depression

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within you. Many people think that ignoring the negative emotions will help.

The fact is, not only it doesn’t help but it also wasted all your effort such as meditation, believe and visualization.

One of the methods to eliminate your stress which I want to share with you today is very simple yet powerful but often overlook by others (perhaps by you too).

It’s a 5 letter word called …


It’s not hard to get a couple of good laugh nowadays. (even if you do not have any friends to talk to)

With the power of the internet, anything can be accessed easily and the next best thing is, most of them are free!

How good is that? Yes or yes?

Jokes, podcast and video can be found easily. All you have to do is go to the Google and type in the keyword you want. Spend half to an hour of your time to enjoy the jokes whenever you feel stress.

Warning: Do not get addicted to it. :)

Go! Do it! And laugh your lungs out. Sometimes the best thing is free. Like oxygen.

If you come across to any great jokes, podcast or video, don’t be selfish, share it with all of us in the comment section.

That’s a little trick for today. Once you get all the negative emotions out of you, then you can begin to put on your Law of Attraction cap and begin to make things work for you.

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    • Alex Kay

      Laughing is just so important and wonderful, it can not be looked over! Nice post mate :)

    • Olivier – mindfulness practice

      Also in meditation one gets rid of these negative emotions. Especially when using mindfulness meditation.
      The other thing I use is the sedona method. Releasing on emotions can have a wonderful effect.

    • Benjamin

      Good point! Humor goes a long way =D

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    • raymond

      Hi Alex,

      Yes, it’s wondersul, awesome, fantastic and it’s FREE too! :)

    • raymond

      Hi Oliver,

      Thanks for sharing. Meditation works for me but I haven’t tried sedona method yet.

      Perhaps I should allocate sometime to practise it. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      It is. :)

    • Colema Board

      This is simple and effective. I learned this method before from a professional actor trainer too.

      Most people think that happy or positive always starts from the inside. But the course I took from these trainer actually showed me the can do it from the body then to the heart too. They can turn themselves from crying into laughing within seconds and it’s real.

    • raymond

      Hi Colema Board,

      I haven’t reach the level yet. I can’t turn into negative emotions within seconds (or perhaps I have never tried it before)

      But I can change into positive emotions very easily. (Using whoosh technique) :)

    • cheese of the month

      You could not be more correct there is nothing better than a good laugh.  I have a friend that I call when I am down and she is always able to make me laugh and that ultimately helped me feel so much better.

      • raymondchua

         I have such friends too and it’s always good to have them around. :)

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