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As I have shared with you yesterday, I was visited by some stress and depression.

Okay, before I go further, let me clarify this. It is perfectly okay to feel stress, anxiety and depression

. Everybody feels that, and sometimes, we just can’t avoid that.

The most important thing is what we do to the stress. In another words, how do you manage the stress?

Highly motivated people feel stress too. However they can manage to turn that around in a split of second just like how I went to meditate when I aware of the stress. It just brings down the stress level almost immediately.

When I felt calm, I asked myself, why all this happened to me? (I’m not trying to blame anybody or anything. I just wanna find out the truth). The next question I asked was, “How I attracted this event unconsciously?”

Not long after that, I came into conclusion that this event was the result of the seed of fear that I unconsciously planted into my mind. It is the fear of messing up everything (the data of this blog).

So, the vibration of fear that I sent out has attracted the event into my life. It materialized the feeling of fear and the feeling of fear leads to the stress and depression that I experienced.

The Law of Attraction is working all the time. So, just a piece of advice to all my dear readers, “Be very aware of your thoughts and emotions”

This event gave me a very good lesson to be more careful of my emotions and thoughts in the future. At the same time, it gives me the sense of satisfaction because I can manage my stress effectively.

To some people, it may be hard to create the awareness nightmare on elm street part 2 freddy s revenge a movie download AT FIRST, but if you have the faith that you can make it, you’ll unconsciously develop the awareness, which means, you use the Law of Attraction

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to attract it.

Have you ever felt stressful and depressed? How you handle it? Share you thoughts! :)

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    • Nicole Price

      Stress is so unavoidable. So often things don’t go right as planned and it takes a lot of effort to keep oneself calm and thinking straight in that situation. Talking to someone that makes me feel good always helps. So does a good sleep in the middle of the day.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      So good to hear that you have some great ways to eliminate your stress. :)

      Maybe I can try that too. ;)

    • Tomas

      The Attraction of Stress and Depression with the Law of Attraction…!!! ??? !

      The title catches indeed. It catches and pierces with „What’s this?”
      The law of attraction exists and works for sure. It impacts on us on every step of our daily walk and makes the reality look so pictorially. The comprehension of the Law of Attraction eliminates any stress or depression from our life and makes our fear just the abracadabra.
      The Law of Attraction proves human spirituality out of itself. It works in contradiction to the physics where the magnet exhibits the attraction between the extremes)… consequently, in case we acknowledge our spiritual origin, the eternities, what can we fear for?

      The examination of “fears” don’t attract but works in the opposite direction.

      Personally I don’t experience fear at all. I know what is pain, but that’s not fear – I am talking not from books but from my personal experience – I walked on the edge of the death in 1974, but was returned to life …the spiritual reality became the tangible afterwards …

    • raymond

      Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for commenting. :)

      Law of Attraction differs from physics in some way but not in every ways.

      The Law of Attraction is based on the Law of Vibration and not the Law of Magnetism.

      That’s why it’s different from magnet in terms of polarity.

      Think of our cellphones and television. They still obey the concept of “like attracts like”.

      I’m impressed when you say that you don’t experience fear at all. Perhaps you can share more with us. ;)

    • Alex Kay

      When I feel that I am starting to get stressed or depressed, I try to take 10 minutes and just go through all the negative emotions that I can.

      Afterwards, I feel almost completely “clensed”, and usually I have a great solution for whatever stressed or depressed me.

      Not always that easy, but worth a try.


    • raymond

      Hi Alex,

      I haven’t tried that but I’m glad that it works well for you. :)

    • Benjamin

      Stress is absolutely an energy killer, and one really, really need to chill out from time to time. My best way is usually to call/talk to my gf, I recently also shared the thoughts of LOA with her to, and this makes it simplier to communicate the ideas to her. To my surprise she was quite open to the idea. Dont quite know why, but I have been reluctant ..shows me having fear due to pain as you mentioned in an earlier post Raymond :)

      Another thing that has baffled me is that I thought I just missed the one post yesterday, but it seems I missed TWO days! I am trying to form a habit here, but I forgot to check in wednesday and thursday… Sorry about that Raymond. I do appreciate your blog, but I do find myself always trying to clear some time to read your blog, so I can have time to reflect on your ideaas and comments.

      I am going to change my approach to this, and simply make it my first thing to do each day to READ your blog, and then comment later.. after I have left it to sink in some.

      Sorry if I am going on here, dont mean to rant on and take away the focus you wish us to have on the selected topic. I just feel the need to share my exp with you as I go along shaping my new habit. I am hoping in some way I am contributing to your blog, and in that way give something back to you.

      With my warmest Regards,


      Day 8 – 30 Challenge

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      I’m touched with your commitment to visit, read and comment on my blog.

      It’s nice to hear that your better half is opened to this idea too. :) Then both of you will have a great topic to talk and chat about.

      You don’t have to be sorry for not coming for 2 days. As long as you have the habit, I’ll be happy. :P

      I’m grateful that you share you experience with us. :)

    • Tomas

      Dear Benjamin,
      You are right – Stress is absolutely an energy killer indeed. That’s the obvious and therefore that’s the greatest mystery. Stats of psychiatric disorders (rapid growth of warning numbers) frightens and questions, why is it thus? Are people blind and deaf or what?
      The cause of these clouds is so obvious. That’s the lack of love – our concern just with ourselves and consequent meditation not on a sunbeam, but what’s bad. That fuels disasters that may imediately vanish ffrom sight at amoment we would welcome the unknown passerby and our “How do you do” break trough cold politeness to sincere interest – to question that needs the answer how can I help you in a concreet.
      What’s intereting there, when I question thus, I receive the help myself – we both forgot the questions, because the problems transform to gratitude -the everlasting peace. Wow. Thank you. My art colors want to blossom out to you. Just click on a link

      Sincerely yours
      Tomas Karkalas

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks Lord, your blog is okay, I couldn’t get through after many attempt. Okay, first of all I would like to thank you for sharing this good photos selections. I used to learn photography but not an expert. I loves the ocean, wish I were there. I could see Stratus, Nimbostratus, Cumulonimbus, Stratoscumulus and of course Cumulus the fluffy white puffs. Wish I could see others, good shot. Just to share, another beauty of nature, I means the names of clouds.
      Okay, back to this post, I agree with you “It is perfectly okay to feel stress, anxiety and depression”. Coz it make you alert, aware, conscious, prepared of what’s going to happpen. But too much of it, will do you no good.
      There are many ways of dealing with stress which I try applying it in daily life. I’m still applying what’s written in your post about turning negatives to positive as it is neutral about the akaline and acid. Stress form from thought and it affects the body it about bodymind connection. Another method I try the breathing technique, did you know how important this is, just breath in and hold for few second than let go. It’s good for relaxation. You can find many website pointing the right way of breathing we didn’t realise that we’re not doing right. Another method is listen to beautiful classical music if not, then choosing listening to the many self-help techniques and products really helps too. Most people dwell too much on a problem as you say LOA works whether you believe it or not the best if you could understand the LOV just can’t learn one without knowing the other. Please correct me whatever written here is incorrect and I thank you for sharing this post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing. :)

      Actually I have written about breathing meditation in one of my books which I have not published yet.

      I use breathing meditation quite frequently (mostly during day time)

      Classical music works well for me too and I always have heaps of them in my laptop, mp3 and mp4 player which I carry them with me most of the time.

    • parimal

      Stress is a big problem in this world right now. There are different kinds of stress.

    • raymond

      I agree with you Parimal. Stress management is very important.

    • Gregory

      Having some knowledge of the Law of Attraction, fear increases. Why? Because I understand my habit of fear will attract what I fear just like the story in Job. This scares me for I know I know I cause everything. I have tried affirmations, meditation and prayer to little avail. So, I continue to fight the thoughts.

    • raymond

      Hi Gregory,

      What you resist persist. I would choose to stop fighting and befriend the positive result.

      I would recommend this post to you. It may help you to stop your fear and get the result you want.

      The more you fight the fear, the more you focus on the fear and the more you attract the fear.

      Fear is anticipation of pain.

    • Sheerin

      What do you do when every positive affirmation you try to form in your mind is contradicted by several reversed negative thoughts.

    • raymond

      Hi Sheerin,

      They will neutralize each other. :)

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