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As I drove back home yesterday, I saw one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. It"s a beautiful rainbow and you have no idea how long I have not seen a complete rainbow. Of course, I did feel grateful for the gift from the universe after my 2 hours drive.

The beautiful Rainbow

The beautiful Rainbow

.One end of the rainbow

One end of the rainbow (can you see it?)

The other end of the rainbow

The other end of the rainbow


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I tried to pull off my car at the side of the highway wherever possible, just to capture a video and some pictures of the beautiful rainbow. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and I even wrote it down in my daily success journal. :) night shift dvdrip

The rainbow seemed so close to me that I have the urge to find the end of the rainbow. I know it"s impossible from scientific perspective but hey, it feels good to behave like a naïve child sometimes. It seemed to end in an oil palm plantation which is just right in front of me.

After taking some pictures, I quickly get into my car and went to find the end of the rainbow. How I wish to touch and feel it. I begin to imagine how it is buried in the ground.

Guess what? It kept changing its direction and it got further and further away. Of course I can explain this with some basic science knowledge but what really made me think hard is:

What can I learn from this?

What is the wisdom behind this phenomenon? 13 hours in a warehouse movie

(I have not found the wisdom yet. Perhaps you can share it with me if you know)

I am really happy and grateful to have the opportunity to watch this phenomenon and I expect more magical experience to show up in my life.

This post is written to express my feeling of gratitude. Feeling grateful will attract more events that make you feel grateful because it is an important element in the Law of Attraction. What makes you feel grateful today? Share it with me. I"m all ‘eyes’.

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    • Pearl Neo

      Rainbow is so beautiful to look at and reminded us how beautiful is the earth we are living in. It just makes me feel so peaceful. Looking at where I am today and 2 months ago, I am really grateful for today, though it is still a long way towards financial freedom. I’ve attended T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive last Nov and I’ve made up my mind to venture in real estate after some thinker after the seminar. Many were surprised by my move. But I believe I can. Fears come in now & then but the wealth conditioning program I’ve been doing past 40 over days helps. And law of attraction just work for me! I am really grateful I’ve got 2 buyers now and 2 potential buyers on the way and I’ve brought my first buyer of my life for flat viewing just last Sat! And I got to your blog also due to T.Harv Eker. Thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Pearl,

      Rainbow is a simple yet stunning phenomena.

      I’m very happy to hear your progress. I’ll be into mutual fund.

      Currently, I’m committing on VAKS method and deposit into my FFA everyday and the wealth conditioning program. (I begin on 1st of January 2008. So, it’s just been a week)

      Love to see you around. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      The wisdom Raymond – “At the end of a rainbow, you will find a pot of gold, at the end of a story, you will find its moral told…” An all time favorite song of mine by Nat King Cole. I have chased so many rainbows in my lives and have found many pots of gold, as I am sure you will.

      Lovely photographs. Congratulations.

    • zaki blogjer

      I’m grateful of what I am.

      I’m grateful that I read this blog

      I’m grateful I can blog consistently recently, hope it lasted.

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    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Table,

      Yeah, I got my pots of ‘gold’ too and still chasing for more.

      Today’s post will be on the ‘pot of gold’. Looks like we have some sort of telepathy. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      I am grateful to have you as my reader and commentator too.

      I can see that you are updating your blog everyday now. :)

      Keep it up!

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    • cup beans

      It is a beautiful rainbow indeed, thanks for the pictures.

      I have seen an amazing rainbow last week as I was driving north and was just at the end of the raining area and the beginning of the sunny one. Looking back at the line between the two I could see the most beautiful rainbow. Sure enough one feels grateful of the chance to see the wonders of mother nature.

    • raymond

      Hi Cup Beans,

      Base on your description, the rainbow must be very beautiful. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      Beautiful rainbow. Great picture! Yes it true that at the end of the rainbow theres a pot of treasure. And at the end of the it always have a happy ending.

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