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I am always (but not only) grateful or expressing my gratitude to the beauty of the nature whenever I see it.

It makes me feel good, relax and it shows me the world of possibilities. The nature has taught human being a great deal of lessons and provides us with a huge amount of knowledge.

By expressing your gratitude to the universe, we are not only drawing more of the beauties to our eyes but it also helps to preserve the beauty.

What you focus on will expand. What you feel grateful for, will expand too. It means, if you show your appreciation to the beauty of nature, it will grow. It means, more beauty will be preserved. Do you agree? Share your thought with me.

Here’s a quick video to show you some of the amazing creature beneath the sea. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for sharing this video. It’s beautiful, amazing, incredible, fantastic, wonderful etc feel free to add more.
      Here some sharing about unusual ocean fish, the Sawfish, Bridal burrfish,Wobbegong, Trumpetfish. The ocean depths Viperfish, Anglerfish they’re beautiful I’m still searching.
      Here are some eg of animals that can change colour quickly as a way of hiding from their enemies or prey, Chameleons, Grouper fish, Flatfish, Octopuses, Tree frogs, Blossom spiders. They are the Camouflage. Really thank you so much for sharing, esp now I know about the Octopuses. I appreciate all these beautiful creation of nature it is for us to say thank you and for us to learn how they survive esp the ocean depths. Once again thank you so much, it makes me want to find out more.

    • admin

      Hi Rose,

      Wow! You know so much about fish and the sea creatures. I’m totally blank when it comes to this.

      Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Alex Kay

      I agree that, whatever you choose to think about, you will appreciate more. That means if I choose to think about beauty in nature, in my mind, I will create more of it.

      Really nice post, and nice video.

    • Benjamin

      Great video, truly amazing how the octopus adopts to its surroundings. Cameleons suddenly are not so impressive any more :P ( and in additon I now have an urge to buy a BMW?..)

      Nature is a true source of power and energy, takes effort to get out there, but once I embark on a small adventure in nature it is surely rewarding.

      Thankes for the video Raymond.

      On a personal note I both disappointed and baffled as why my comment yesterday does not show up today. But I have had network problems, so that must be why. I am committed to the 30-day challenge, and will let nothing get in my way ;)

      With my warmest regards,

      Day 5 – 30 day challenge

    • admin

      Hi Alex,

      That’s true.

      Energy flows where attention goes. :)

    • admin

      Hi Benjamin,

      The beauty of nature is indeed amazing!

      P.S. I saw your previous comment, Ben. And I have no idea how you give the comment when this site is in its upgrading process.

      I shocked me. :) So, that means your previous comment is not in the backup file.

      Do you mind to put the comment again? I appreciate that. I’m sorry for all the inconvenience and errors you experienced.

    • Nicole Price

      Something seems to be the matter with the video. Its not playing. I’ll try again later.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond and Nicole Price,
      That happpened to me too, what I did that, I go to You Tube, copy and paste. Then you able to see all those beautiful sea creatures.
      Happy viewing.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose and Nicole,

      The link works good for me.

      But, never mind.

      I have embedded the video here. I hope you can watch it this time. :)

      Thanks for alert me about the problem.

    • cup beans

      The video is great and I can’t agree more about the law of attraction. I make it a habit to focus on the things that I want instead of the things I want to release

    • raymond

      Hi Cup beans,

      Amazing isn’t it.

      You’re on the right track. :)

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