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The Biggest Lie

July 26, 2008 | 3 Comments

Did the title grab your attention?

There’s no hype and I really will reveal one of the biggest lie in the world to you.

Are you ready?

It’s called, “You must work hard to be successful”

Now, I can sense some resistance coming out from you. :)

It may be hard to believe especially if this is the first time you hear this. That’s understandable since that’s a common believe that has been accepted by the majority of the population of the world.

Let me prove this to you.

Who are the most successful people in the world? If you are not sure, look at the successful people around you.

Are they the person who works the hardest? Unlikely.

Now, let’s look at some of the successful icon in the world. Take Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as an example.

Do you think that they complain about their job and business? They may punch in 70-80 hours a week but man, they love and enjoy what they do.

They take their work as a game and they play hard in every game that they play.

Why would you think the billionaires want to work so hard if it’s not to gain satisfaction from their work by helping other people?

To earn more money to feed their family or buy new car or other new toy? Of course not.

With the money they have, they can have almost any tangible thing on earth.

When you believe that you must work hard to be successful, congratulation! You have just attract another hard way and resistant to be successful. Thoughts become things. That’s the Law of Attraction

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If you think that success is easy, you’ll begin to see all the easy way to be successful or it will come to you. Again, it’s because you attract it.

It all begins from the end of your mind.

I have tried to work hard and work smart and I personally think that working hard is just not the best choice got me. What about you?shredderman rules dvd

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    • Dining Room Tables

      There are some issues that need to be sorted out first. One needs to define “success”. What is success need not necessarily be success to someone else. Second, one has to define what is work and what is pleasure. If you can then combine the two, you have won half the battle. If your idea of success is living a comfortable happy and secure life, it is fairly simple to achieve.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for the idea. I have never thought of that. :)

      I’m thinking now … ;)

    • wall mirrors guy

      It’s my first time reading the article regarding the greatest lie. I do believe that it exist. And here is what you call a white lie.

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