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Last 2 weeks, Robert from Reason4Smile asked me an interesting question in the comment box and I have promised him to write a post to answer his question so that I can share it with you too.

Here’s the question:

Raymond, as I see, you’re a very strong believer in the law of attraction, i’d like to ask you a question…

What do you think about this quote from Robin Sharma, a leadership guru?

What you resist will persist, what you befriend, you will transcend…

Do you think it’s against the law of attraction? as it is said not to think about the bad things, but I felt that we have to acknowledge the fear, the sadness etc and only with that we can eventually transcend them.

Appreciate your opinion.
feel free to contact me through my email.
Thanks and cheers,

My answer

No. It’s not against the Law of Attraction. It all boils into the concept of like attracts like. Whenever you think and feel of something you want or don’t want, you’re going to attract it.

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Still remember The Secret movie where you can see a guy insist that he didn’t want traffic jam and all he met along the way were terrible traffic jam?

Another example is when you think that you DON’T WANT to be in debt, guess what the universe gives you? DEBT! Because you are thinking of the debt all the time. You affirm it to yourself.

The universe will filter out the negative words/thoughts such as no, don’t, not … etc.

That’s the Law of Attraction. What you resist persist. So, focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

What you befriend, you will transcend.

This phrase has more direct relation to the Law of Attraction

. Again, it comes back to the like attracts like.

When you befriend love, you will get more love in return. If you befriend money, you will attract a lot of money.

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“… but I felt that we have to acknowledge the fear, the sadness etc and only with that we can eventually transcend them.”

In my opinion, the process of acknowledging fear or sadness is to clear them out from our mind and let them go. It’s the process of clearing rather than the process of manifestation.

The purpose is to unclog our spiritual self from the negativities. The negativities create resistance for the process of manifestation. Thus it is essential to be taken out before we manifest anything. The Law of Attraction is more to the process of manifestation and it’s extremely dangerous to look at it as a single standalone law. Every law of nature is connected.

I hope that I have answered your question, Robert. Let me know if you need more explanation. :)

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    • Robert @

      Hi Raymond, thanks a lot!
      I see it better now, “the process of acknowledging fear or sadness is to clear them out from our mind and let them go. It’s the process of clearing rather than the process of manifestation.”

      Agree with you that it’s the process of clearing, and eventually we must take a step and focus on the good things that we have.

      Thanks for spending some time to write this post,

    • raymond

      Hi Robert,

      You are most welcome. I’m sorry for the delay because I have promised Dr. Joe Capista to publish his article for the past few days.

      Feel free to share your thoughts and questions here. I’m be more than happy to answer them. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I would just like to add. Befriend in this context means, to take the example, fear, instead of resisting fear, just make friends with the feeling of fear. The idea is not to react, which is what is meant by resisting. Reaction is a response to a stimulus. If you make friends with the stimulus itself, you will transcend the stimulus.

      Yes, this quote is very much in line with the laws of attraction.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for adding that. I agree with it. :)

    • Stefan|muscle building program

      You know the guy from the Secret that was finding parking spaces and getting checks in the mail wound up not being such a good guy.

      I do believe in the law of attraction. I have evidence of it in my life everyday.

      Bad things happening to seemingly good people has become a difficult pill to swallow however. Still working on understanding that aspect completely.


    • raymond

      Hi Stefan,

      I remember that guy.

      However, I do not get what you are trying to say in the last paragraph.

      Could you please rephrase it?

      Thank you. I’m sorry for my poor understanding ability.

    • mike | download online movie

      I also believe in the law of attraction…have you read any of the Jerry Hicks books on the learnings of Abraham. Very enlightening, the key is to focus on what you want, not what you dont want.

    • raymond

      Hi Mike,

      I have yet to read the book. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    • Nat

      I’d like to add to the discussion about befriending to transcend. In our lives, we can experience many situations and we label each one as good or bad based on our perceptions/beliefs. With this mindset, we often embrace the ‘good’ but push away the ‘bad’. But if we befriend every situation, we can start to see the value in each. Every situation we face is meant to share something of value to us. And so there never really is a bad or good. It just is.

      So “bad things that seemingly happen to good people” is merely one perspective. Often times when we look at a situation, we don’t know all the details. We don’t know what that person was thinking, feeling, focusing on, etc. And from a higher spiritual perspective, we don’t know if a particular person chose that ‘bad’ experience to help the greater whole.

      I can understand the confusion around attracting a bad experience, if you believe manifesting is just about positive thinking and focusing on things you want. Because who would choose to focus on bad things, right? But we do all the time and it’s more than just about our thinking. We create based on the energy we put out; we create based on our dominant vibrations. So every thought, every action, every emotion, every belief – conscious and subconscious – becomes part of our energy blueprint. So even if you’re thinking positive about attracting money but you’re worried about your safety, you’re worried about paying your bills, you’re thinking about not having enough money, etc… you can attract circumstances that threaten your safety, you can attract more bills, maybe create an accident or have something break down because all of these things are in vibrational harmony with what you’re putting out there.

      So anyway, I hope this helps.

    • raymond

      Excellent, Nat.

      The words don’t have meaning unless for the meaning we give it.

      I really appreciate your sharing. :)

    • Gregory

      How does one break the addiction to thinking about what he fears? Think about what he wants? I noticed when I started smiling while reading the posts, the fear lifted.
      Thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Gregory,

      There are many methods out there but I’m going to share with you my method.

      When I feel fear, I will think of what T Harv Eker said in one of his Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar which is:

      “Fear is the anticipation of pain”

      Like you, I don’t want pain either.

      So, the phrase helps me to associate fear with pain AND not feeling the fear, with pleasure.

      Then, I’ll begin to focus on other positive stuffs such as happy moment, excitement and others.

      I hope this helps. I shall write an article about this in the future. Stay tune! :)

    • Nat

      Hi Gregory,
      What I do is similar to what Raymond does. Once I’m aware that I’m feeling fear, I will shift my mindset to what’s positive, what’s working in my life. And then I’ll get into the feeling of why it’s all working. Just spending some time here will help shift my focus and lift my energy. I then acknowledge what was creating the fear in the first place and start exploring the possibilities that could resolve the situation. When we get into fear, our mind and energy become very narrowly focused and it feels confining. So by exploring the possibilities of what could happen, it helps open up our mind. It gives us a sense of hope. After this step, I will get in touch with how I want to feel, i.e. peace, centered, etc. And then I will do something to activate this feeling in me. So if I wanted to feel more at peace, I might take a walk outside; I might do some tai chi. These are activities I know help me feel more peace. For you, it may be different. I invite you to try out this process and let me know if you want me to clarify anything.

    • raymond

      Hi Nat,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

      I haven’t tried tai chi yet but I believe it must be very effective from its principle.

    • tradesman

      about the LAW OF ATTRACTION i have readed the many books. can this law will help me to get the abundance money name and fame. what u are saying. and if i want to pass in the very difficult competitive exam will law of attraction helps me

      • raymond

        Hi Tradesman,
        The Law of Attraction works together with the action taken. It certainly helps but never guarantees your success unless you do it the right way.

        The first step is to invest in education.

    • same day loan

      Great to see that there is a contradiction in law of attraction

    • colocation

      I am with you on this one it is all about how you interpret the phrase I look at it like Karma weather it is good or bad it will come around full circle. You lend money to a friend they don’t give it back it will come back around if not by the person who you helped than by something else.

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