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Ok, we have been talking about visualization for weeks. I hope you won"t get bored about that.

I need to stress on this because you have to get the fundamental right before you reach your goals. There is no way to reach your goals without understanding the first step. scrooged dvdrip download

When we visualize, we materialize. If you can see it in your mind, you"re going to hold it in your hands.

Polishing your skill of visualization is extremely important in making the Law of Attraction works for you and your life.

I can say that I got some emails from my loyal readers asking me how to visualize in the correct way.

Well, this is a popular question I often get from my readers, students, friends and family.

Visualization is very subjective and it means different thing to different people.

Take a mouse for an example. A mouse is an animal for a biologist but it is a computer device for a hardware developer.

Visualization may mean the pictures that appear on the screen for a graphic designer, the area of computer graphics and presentation and many others.

There are music visualization, product visualization, knowledge visualization and … etc.

But … Relax

I"m not going to confuse you will all these various type of visualization. Today, I"m only focusing on the visualization in our mind. It simply means the picture in your mind.

All right, show me how

I assume that you already have your goals

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in mind. Let"s say you want a corner lot, double storey semi-detach house.

Put the picture of the house in your mind. Paint it with all the five senses. You may want to begin with your sense of sight. What shape will it look like? Is it based on the shape of rectangle, square, circle, wavy or triangle?

How big is the house? Try to see it with your mind"s eye. Estimate the size of your house with your size standing at the gate. 3000 foot-square? 5000 foot-square? Or What?

Now, sense the color. What is the color? Don"t say you don"t know. You design your ideal house in your mind now. Visualize it!

Do you want it to be apple green, navy blue, rose, completely white, light brown, red, pink, or a combination of a few colors? Put in other objects in your picture too such as trees, flowers, grass, fence, gate, shoes racks, your polite, kind and helpful neighbors, the hose, the football on the field … etc.

Give all those objects colors, size and location (where they should be)

Well, that should be enough for today.

I shall continue with this in the next post. Meanwhile, I really hope that you will put the knowledge you have just learned today into practice.

Oh! There’s another thing See Tony Robbins LIVE In Los Angeles!

Till then bedknobs and broomsticks movie

Speak soon

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Not at all, as I have been trying to understand visualization in corrects way for sometime. Trying to convince to others of how to use it. Reading books that concerned the neurology and anatomy what is their connection. Why we can or can’t do it. The many visualization term products are simply trying to get you in an alpha stage. I have been trying to simplify it to other that it is not a hard things to do though I myself still learning. Yet people I’ve met still think that it is still complicated. Here I share with you and readers what I’ve understood so far. Please correct me if you find that things not clear here and there and I thank you for this.
      It is understood that when you visualize you see it in your mind’s eye. You know about your subconscious it takes and believe whatever you telling it. For this when it comes to neurology ie the cells this how it works our cells are actually interacting to each other listening to the command it received from thought, words but see in picture. There have been scientific proven this to those who want to explore more. It’ll be complicated but just don’t let it bother you take it as knowledge. All those chemical impluses will go to the brain and display in your mind’s eyes that things are actually happened esp when using all your senses.
      For the anatomy views how it affect the body actually there are many examples likes fear increases your pulse, embarrassment can make you blush, anger can churn your stomach, anxiety can give you butterflies in your stomach and so on. It all begin from visualize or pictures in your mind. Remember the vision board it’s one of them making your goals come true.
      Ok, that’s all my comments for today, sorry if the above too heavy too digest as I myself still learning. Thank again for the post today.
      Dear Raymond, I will be away for sometime it has been really nice meeting you
      and interact will all the posts concern the LOA. Don’t know when I’ll be back again I really going to miss your coming posts. No…. no… I’m not going for blog tourism I’m only going offline for a time being. Just need to focus on a new incoming project. But I’ll always remember one thing when I see someone walking alone on the street carrying a lap top in a bag on his bag, not feeling lonely instead seems to think of something else all the time and all I have to do is call and he looks back I know it’s him. I will run to him and say hello it being sometimes. Lastly, so sooorrrrry for this too long passages my last comment I suppose not. Sure I’ll be back. Please take really good care of yourself and I thank you for all the sharing.
      Take Care And Have A Nice Day.
      PS. May be my next comment will be, let just suppose there be a post about “Breaking the Patterns of the Silent Readers, of how to get rib of the No Gnomes means the Nobodies from No-Man’s Land. Who has been sitting on our shoulder to a Yes Gnomes. My last quote of the day today is “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind”. Dr Wayne Dyer.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Sorry for the wrong phrase it should be written as BAG ON HIS BACK so sooorrry for the many mistakes I’ve made as I’m still learning.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you for sharing so much with us today.

      It doesn’t feel so good to learn that you will go offline for a while. :(

      I hope you’ll get back here as soon as possible.

      No problem for the mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes.

      Looking forward for your come back. :)


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    • zaki blogjer

      I guess vision board can be used to visualize your goals isn’t it?

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      Right. Vision board is a great tool to use in the process of visualization. It will give you more feelings too. :)

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