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A good friend of mine, Loral has just launched her great book called “Yes Energy”. I have been studied about the power of YES for years and finally Loral put together those great information in her new book.

In this powerful and very personal book, Loral shares key lessons that have helped her — and thousands of others — build and maintain a successful life. Unlock secrets such as:

  • How to manage your energy more effectively to reach your goals, so you can stop struggling with time or resource management.
  • How to create an environment of extreme optimism by accelerating creativity, faith and the skills you already have.
  • How to take advantage of the compelling opportunities to “Say Yes, then Figure Out How” and use your power of leverage to make things happen.
  • How to increase the joy and enthusiasm in personal relationships.
  • How to eliminate the divide between the personal, professional, and financial goals to create a unified life.

In addition, Loral shares personal examples of how the daily use and acknowledgement of the Energy Equation has guided her and hundreds of others to their purpose.

I highly recommend you pre-order this book to shorten your learning curve which means that you don’t need to spend as much money, time and energy as I did and able to get much more quality knowledge from this book

Pre-Order NOW!

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    • betsafe

      this is very nice work great information in it really nice work thanks for this post i like it

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    • Martin

      Funny, when I read the title, I was thinking about raising our vibration. Good stuff.

      This is an area I am focusing on now. Thanks for the reminder!

    • diamond machining

      The article is very nice…its a good approach of doing less but earning more.I think its a strategy that is followed by many youths now.

    • Colocation

      I will have to check out her book. I have always tried to make the most of each and every minute of my day. Energy isn’t something you should have to drum up.

    • Bingo Machine

      It really gives the momentum to the man for the life making and for the development of the society.

    • Colocation

      Great review, I have been studying into matters like this but on a different level. I try to maintain positivity and be careful of my word usage to achieve the best possible outcome. Like her saying mine is a bit different, its not about harder it’s about working smarter.


      The inspiration drawn from the article is exponential.
      hope to keep getting such inspiration from you.

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      you want to look around. The soft sell is what I respond to.

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      very informative article about The Equation of Do Less and Make More.

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      nice article relative to do less and more earn because every one want it.

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      The graph of a quadratic function f(x) has its vertex at (5,-6) and passes through the point (2,-51). Find a formula for f(x).Thanks for sharing useful equalization information.

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      • Raymond CHua

         Please use your real name instead of your niche keyword. I’ll delete all spammy comments. Thanks.

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