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The First Baby Step

April 16, 2008 | 11 Comments

A couple of years ago, when I was still in university, I enjoy the time when I came out for a cup of coffee with my friends (mainly my coursemates)

Most of the time, we talked about grades, exam, once a while we cracked some jokes and sometimes, business ideas popped out of no where.

Some of the ideas were really good, profitable, and achievable by us as undergraduates and it just need some hard work and skills to make it happen.

To tell you the truth, most of the undergraduates are desperate of money. That explains why there are a lot of them (including me) joined some MLM companies with the ‘hope’ to earn more money. Unfortunately, only a few who had actually succeed.

When a brilliant business idea popped out during our conversation, I often ask my friends, “Why not some of you partner up and start this business? I mean, come on, you all have the knowledge, educated and you guys can learn the skills needed to get started”

Most of the answers I received were:

I have not time. I need to study, you see. (But they have plenty of time for TV and computer games) glory dvd download

download for your consideration free

I have no knowledge. (Fear of making mistakes)

I don’t have much money/capital. (Just another excuse)

This is a good example of waiting for everything to be in place or perfect to start a project or a business. In yesterday’s post

, we called this total failure.

In order to be successful, we must be able to take the first baby step. You don’t have to possess every skills or resources to get started. Sometimes, you don’t have to know exactly how it is going to work. You just have to make it work.

When you have taken the first step, the second step will show up and so forth.

Listen up! The Law of Attraction download anaconda free download sling blade dvdrip is not about procrastination and giving excuse. It is about taking massive action and have a strong solid faith in it.

So, if you have something (project, business idea, renovation, wedding …etc) that you have procrastinate for quite some time, it’s time for you to take the first baby step. It is the first baby steps that create the momentum for you to move further forward.

Do not expect the Law of Attraction to work for you if you just sitting on your couch watching TV and do nothing else.

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    • Olivier – 7 laws of attraction

      You are completely right. In my mind, the visualization triggers some inspired thought and this thought needs to be carried out. Then the results follow.
      It is all about keeping us on the right track.


    • Attracting Abundance!

      Good point. Some ppl talk about Attraction but fail to take action. But it is acting in faith that makes all the difference–one little action step at a time. The universe definitly doesn’t favor couch potatos!

    • Phil the Plumbing Course Expert

      Definitely you are right! We should not be afraid to take the risks.. Have courage to make your plans and ideas into action or reality.

    • raymond

      Hi Olivier,

      Visualization plays an important part in my success. It often leads me to the right way through hunches, intuition and other “six-sense” stuffs. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Attracting Abundance,

      Sitting on the couch potato and do nothing else is a great way to achieve failure.

    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      Risk is essential in our lives and our lives will be boring without the risk.

      Risk created excitement. :)

    • femme fitness

      I fully agree with you. I have great new ideas in my mind frequently. But most of the time, I can not realize my ideas because lack of immediate actions and enough persistence. I like your blog and will think more about your words. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Femme Fitness,

      Perhaps you can begin by taking a baby step to carry a small notepad with you all the time. :)

      Thank you for your support to my blog. I will work harder to inspire others. :)

      Have a great day!

    • Polina

      It has always seemed to me that to generate the right IDEA is way more difficult than to implement it afterwards… And even when people have the idea – they doubt they have enough forces to implement it and are afraid of sharing it with anyone (partnership is an uneasy thing)…

      My respect to you as to the brave person who is not afraid of trying new things:)

    • raymond

      Hi Polina,

      Seems like you have a not-so-good experience with partnership stuffs. (I had one too) :)

      Trying new things is fun and exciting!

    • Polina

      Hi Raymond,

      yes, exactly. Partnership is something looking pretty good while you are going to share some hard work that needs to be done, and for some people it’s a great surprise that they’d need to share benefits as well:)

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