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I have a joyful announcement to share with you today.

This Law of Attraction blog is now one-year-old. I’m so happy when I see today’s date. Well, actually it is yesterday, which is a couple of hours after I published yesterday’s video.

So I announce it today.

I made my very first post on 7th of May 2007 and this is one of the important dates of my life. Back then, my blog is just like every other new blog with just a few visitors per day (perhaps that’s only me). But today, thousands of pages are viewed daily.

Today, you can find me easily through Google for most of the related keywords. More than 5000 people come to my site through Google search engine

watch two rode together in divx

, monthly.

Well, that’s about some little achievement of this blog.

Let me share something private with you. 6 years ago, or more precisely, 7th of May 2002 is one of the major turning points of my life. I failed in life terribly.

Therefore, I purposely put up my first article on that date (last year) to signify the birthday of this blog, not for the purpose to stick with the sad memories of my life but rather to remind myself of all the great lessons that I have learned from the incident that make me who I am today.

Today, I am grateful for all the lessons I learned from my life and they make me stronger, smarter, happier and a motivated person.

I try not to go too personal okay, ;)

All right, no cakes for today but I have prepare some videos for you. Now, go to your fridge and grab your beer (or whatever drinks that suits you) and click play. :)


download baby s day out divx

The lyrics of this song may form some negative perceptions within you.

Disclaimer: The meaning of the lyrics is just for the purpose of having fun and nothing more than that.

All right, here’s a more serious one:

Thank you for being here and celebrate the birthday of my blog. :) download point of origin free

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    • linn

      Hi Raymond,

      Happy birthday to attractingyourgoals blog. Hope
      this my favourite blog,will become the best ever. Love to read more articles from this blog. Congratulation Raymond!

    • Dining Room Tables

      Happy birthday and best wishes for many happy returns of the same. Both the videos were great to see too. Thank you.

    • Bryan

      Happy birthday for your site Raymond. You have provided some great material over the past 12 months. Keep it going. :)

    • Roland

      happy, happy,happy Birthday.I like what you are doing.Keep helping us to attain our goals.
      God bless you

    • http://- s.k.


    • Attraction Guy

      Happy birthday!

      Sorry that I’m late. Congratulations that has generate such a great results and contributed to many people including me. Thanks Raymond, I get that you value this blog very much. It seems more than just a business. It’s never been easy and a small thing to post daily. You’ve done such a great job.

      As a blogger myself, it takes a big commitment . It is beyond business. Congratulations! I’m glad for you.

    • Land Projects UK

      Congratulations on your first birthday. You got one of the best blogs. Always keep up the good work! ;)

    • raymond

      Thanks folks for the great wishes.

      I appreciate you for being such a great readers and supporters. :)

    • cikgu azleen

      Happy birthday!

    • raymond

      Thank you Cikgu Azleen. :)

    • Benjamin

      Congratulations Raymond, and thank you for your inspirational blog and feedback to my comments and thoughts.


      Best wishes

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for being such a great reader. :)

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