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I was reading a book few days ago. It"s just a light reading, so I just flip through the pages to see what"s interesting such as jokes and comics. At least they make me laugh, hopefully.

As I flipped the book, I came across with a very catchy headline that hooked my attention.

It sounded

“Why Doctors Now Believe Faith Heals”

And the sub-headline is

“Because they are finding medical evidence”

I read the whole article right away and my first respond was WOW!

I was so impressed that I promise myself to share it with all of you.

So, here"s the story in brief:

There was a guy, called Tom Long. He had been stabbed in the stomach, heart and spleen during a domestic dispute.

After 7 surgeries, after a year, his wound was still remained the same and only covered by a skin graft. The injury of his stomach was finally closed after he went to Georgetown for another surgery in 1999.

Not many people can survive from being stabbed in the heart and yet he can tolerate with the pain and the injury for A YEAR! Yes! It"s more than 300 days!

This incident has grabbed a lot of attention from doctors, media, religious bodies, and etc.

There must be a very powerful strength behind the survival. When Long was asked by a doctor how he finds such a great source of strength, he said that there was something far beyond the excellent medical care that is responsible to his “second life”. It"s God.

He said that he had the strong unshakable faith to the GOD.

If you did attend Anthony Robbins’ Seminar

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, you"ll understand that spiritual is one of the most important parts of our wheel of life. There are 6 elements all together that from the goodness of our life and spiritual is one of them. Click here to learn more about the wheel of life. download yes man dvd

The relation between spiritual and body

may be exist for donkey years but as Science begin to take over the process of healing, most West practitioners move away from spiritual and religious faith.

All right, I"ll have to stop here as my class is going to start very soon. I promise to share more with you tomorrow. :)

Speak soon.

P.S. Just in case you don"t know, Anthony Robbins is going to hold an Unleash The Power Within seminar in LA. Click here to find out more about the event.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for sharing this post. Yes, the man was thinking positively and the bodymind communicate very well plus being spiritually aware.
      I thought I’ve read somewhere regard the wheel of life but yet to recall. It something that got to do with making your life balance.
      Okay, I’ll stop for the moment I’m getting pain again sure visualize again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I hope you’ll get well real soon.

      You are right that the wheel of life is used as a guideline to balance your life. :)

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      I agree. Faith is a most amazing thing. If you have strong enough a faith, you could do nearly everything you would like to do.

      Impossible is just a situation where no one has done it before.


    • raymond

      That’s right, James.

      But few people actually use the power of faith.

      See you on the webinar. :)

    • SK WONG

      Hi Raymond,

      Good Sharing. Someone once told me, “If God is on your side, what do you have to fear.” I am not a religious person but I believe we must have faith in ourselves and the thing we do. Faith is actually strong and unwaving commitment in our belief. I attended Tony’s UPW in 2001 and a short talk on UPW early last month in Singapore, to us, (my wife and I ), no other Guru came here Tony’s power of inspiring people and able to motivate so many people with his voice. It is just mesmerizing .

    • raymond

      Hi SK Wong,

      So far, all the people I have met who have attended Anthony Robbins seminar are successful. :) (including you ;) )

      His talk is awesomely powerful! No Guru can even come close to his level. Fantastic!

      Thanks for sharing. :)

      See you around.

    • RMPMAX

      Hi Raymond,

      Great posting…what is faith? It is a believe that there is something or someone out there who has greater power than us who can guide us and protect us in our life journey. For those of you who believe in God, having faith in God helps us during difficult times/testing time and it will help us to remain positive, giving us hope, and to keep us going. It will also serve as a gentle reminder that we have been protected and guided, and that we should not be arrogant even when we are very success.


    • raymond

      Hi RMPMAX,

      You are right. God, higher self, guardian angels or whatever it is, each and everyone of us has the idea that something is bigger then us.

      Believing in god is a good source of strong faith. :)

      Thank you for sharing.

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