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Yesterday was the July 15th, base on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The date is known as the Hungry Ghost Festival.

The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and holiday, which is celebrated by Chinese in many countries. In the Chinese calendar (a lunisolar calendar), the Ghost Festival is on the 14th night of the seventh lunar month.

In Chinese tradition, the thirteen day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month

(鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower world. During the Qingming Festival the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors and on Ghost Day the deceased visit the living. On the thirteen day the three realms of Heaven, Hell and the realm of the living are open and the Taoists and Buddhists would perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased. Intrinsic to the Ghost Month is ancestor worship, where traditionally the filial piety of descendants extends to their ancestors even after their deaths. Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning of hell money and bags containing cloth to pay homage to the visiting spirits of the ancestors, treating the deceased as if they are still living. Elaborate meals would be served with empty seats for each of the deceased in the family. Other festivities may include, burying and releasing miniature paper boats and lanterns on water, which signifies giving directions to the lost ghosts and spirits of the ancestors and other deities.

The Ghost Festival shares some similarities with the predominantly Mexican observance of El Día de los Muertos

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. Due to theme of ghosts and spirits, the festival is sometimes also known as the Chinese Halloween, though many have debated the difference between the two.

Source: Wikipedia

Chinese believe that by performing the rituals such as food offering, burning hell money and other offering, the spirits or the ghosts will protect them and their families by giving them good health, good business and wealth.

Is that true?

Well, today I"m not going to debate whether this believe/tradition/festival is true or not and I"m not going to elaborate further on the festival, rituals and other consequences.

What I am trying to point out is the golden nugget watch other boleyn girl the in divx behind the believe.

Law of Attraction says that whatever you believe (and have faith in it) will come true provided that you have the unshakable faith along with what you believe and you feel it in every level of your being.

When Chinese believe that by burning the hell money and other offering, they will get protected, healthy, wealthy, and prosper, they will attract them (health, wealth and prosperity) into their lives. Consciously or unconsciously, they are applying the Law of Attraction in a positive way.

After they have done the ritual, they feel safe, they think that their business will prosper for the whole year until the next festival, they feel that they get healthier, so on and so forth.

When they feel it that way and even better, believe that things will turn to better than ever, they attract it.

The power lies within ones believe system. The ritual acts as a bridge to make them believe that it"s true. When everyone in the community is doing the same thing, the faith is even stronger. When they can believe it, they can achieve it.

I do not mean that this festival is all about lie or scam. My point is that this festival is one of many festivals that helps the believers to plant positive thoughts in their mind and make it their core believe.

If I ask you to believe that you will become a millionaire tomorrow, it may be very hard for you to believe that because you can"t see the way and it is very unlikely that you will have a very strong faith that it will come true.

However, if I make you perform a certain ritual (and a lot of people is doing it) and have many people to tell you that after you perform the ritual, you will become a millionaire tomorrow and if you not believe it, it will bring you endless disaster, chances are it is easier for you to believe it than before.

That is the power of rituals and traditions.

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    • shueqry

      wow, good info! thanks Raymond :)

      - shueqry -

    • raymond

      You’re most welcome, Shueqry

    • zaki blogjer

      I can’t recall the day one of my Chinese’s colleague said cannot wearing black dress, has it passed?

      I agree as long as we have belief on something, with the right actions and thoughts, we’ll rewarded with success

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      Sorry for my late reply.

      Usually Chinese “pantang” to wear black dress during celebrations such as weddings, Chinese New Year, and others.

      Wearing black is believed to bring bad luck and only wears during funeral or some ritual related to death.

      This is a part of feng shui.

      The world has changed. Nowadays, we often see Chinese youngsters wear black everywhere. The tradition and superstition has been left behind.


    • Clarence

      Yes. The young Chinese have become more westernised and are not so superstitious. Regarding the law of attraction, if one attracts spirits, he will get spirits. If he believes in prosperity, he will get it too! Having a religion or religion allows one to feel safe and secure with a connection to god.

    • raymond

      Hi Clarence,

      Like attracts like. That’s true. :)

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