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This is something I really have forgotten. Still remember that a couple of days ago, I put up a trailer of the 10,000 B.C. movie and I asked you to spot the element of the Law of Attraction in it?

Then, I intended to share what I have spotted on the next day. I can’t believe that I have totally forgotten about it until a reader asked me about it.

So, I’d like to use today’s post to share about this.

There are a few scene where the face of the Law of Attraction surface but I’m only gonna share one of them with you.

At one point of the movie, D’leh (Steven Strait)

desperately wants to save his men (and other men from other tribes) especially Evolet (Camilla Belle) download welcome to the jungle dvdrip , the woman who he deeply loves.

They are trapped in the dessert and they do not know which way to go. The place is very confusing and it leads them no where.

Everybody begins to lose their hope except for D’leh who leads the group to save their men. He continuously puts out his strong intention, unwavering faith and think hard of other alternatives.

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In another words, he is attracting the solution to him with the Law of Attraction download vipers dvd (even he doesn’t know how)

To make the long story short, finally, he attracted the way to him in the form of hunch. The idea of following the brightest star in the sky hit him right on his head and the rest is his-story. :)

If we open out mind’s eye, we can see the Law of Attraction download heaven project the online almost everywhere in every situation.

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    • Attraction Guy

      This kind of scene comes out in most movies. Especially a guy or woman will believe when other don’t believe and they finally succeed.

      I used to think it as ‘luck’ that make the movie interesting. However I think there’s some reality there and start to view it in such way. Believing there’s a solution have all the benefits and giving up have only one benefit which is can stop down and take a rest instead of doing something about it!

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