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The Law to Success

January 7, 2009 | 25 Comments

That’s what I do whenever I’m driving, unless for a very short distance. Listening to empowering audio while driving not only keeps me motivated and lets the positive energy flow through me but it also saves my time, increases my productivity and prevents the negative thought from slipping into my mind.

I’m proud that I have this habit because when I keep thinking and focusing on the positive thought, I attract positive things into my life with the Law of Attraction vertical limit free (You should try that too). :)

Everything works out fine and I’m grateful to be able to enjoy this kind of lifestyle except one thing…

The mp3 file that I was listening was not the ordinary personal development audio that I used to listen to. A couple of imaginary question mark popped in my head when I heard Adrian said about the relation between the food we consume and its frequency in module 1 (Energy for Life)

He said, “Chocolate 1-3 Megahertz, Green Fresh vegetables 70-90 Megahertz …” in the vibration healing section. (I can guarantee that you have no idea how this affect your success)

Every food has its own frequency and knowing the frequency of each food helps you to choose the right food to eat. Since consuming the right food will determine the quality of energy you put out, and according to the Law of Attraction ladder 49 dvdrip download , the energy or wave that you put out will attract the like-energy back to you, do you think it is important to know this information?

Of course it is. And this is what I want to share with you here. This is just what I heard in less than 5 minutes. (It was not all about food consumption)

Oh! And why did I say this is not the ordinary personal development audio?

Initially, I thought that it was just an ordinary personal development audio, which would just give me some facts and reminders that I have already known (Judging from the name of the program). I was totally wrong. Here’s why.

Adrian is a great teacher and he really pushes you to achieve your goals just like Anthony Robbins

download what dreams may come dvdrip

and Robert Kiyosaki (who was one of the soldiers in the Vietnam War).

In some parts of the audio, he’ll ask you to do certain activity and he’ll motivate and make sure that you do it.

If you are the kind of person hoping to be successful just by listening, or does not like to be pushed out of your comfort zone, this is NOT for you.

However, if you are like me who loves an accountability partner or a coach to challenge you and willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, then you owe this to yourself

mr deeds free

. Print out the worksheets, and start to participate in the activity as you listen to the audio. This is the only way that you can harvest the most out of the Law to Success program

free stark raving mad movie download


I hope you take up the program and I wish you all the success.

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    • Gry dla Dzieci

      I tried it but there’s just too much traffic where I live. I almost crashed my car when I focused on the tape. It’s great for those long bus-rides though.

    • Michelle

      I would really love to get a hand on this material. Will update you once I get the experience. Regards!

    • raymond

      Hey Gry,

      That’s dangerous man. If you can’t focus on driving, then better try other method. Perhaps jogging.

    • raymond

      Hi Michelle,

      I’ll be waiting for your updates. :)

    • St Pete Computer Service

      Interesting point of view. Thanks for good information.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome. :)

    • Rose Free Education

      I ask only because I want to benefit from it but want to know in advance for motivational purposes.

    • darrin-lean-muscle

      Indeed. The right audio in the car makes a difference. You need to flush out all the negatives with positives.

    • raymond

      Right. Sometimes a single phrase from the audio can trigger to a new positive thought and it changes my whole day.

    • 1hourcashking

      ya its true raymond.The right audio in the car makes a difference.Thanks for the post.

    • qquamat

      Yes it’s right raymond that Sometimes a single phrase from the audio can trigger to a new positive thought and it changes whole day.Thanks for the blog.

      • raymond

        Hi qquamat,

        You’re welcome. :)

    • mmooney123

      Interesting blog.Thanks for the information. think of good and positive things.Best of luck

    • raazzz123

      Great article.I think it’s a really a useful article i have ever seen.This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-).THANX FOR MAKING SUCH A COOL BLOG,I REALLY LIKE YOUR WRITING STYLE , KEEP IT UP :-)

      • raymond

        Thanks for the compliments, raazzz123.

    • cymphonix546

      ya its true raymond.The right audio in the car makes a difference.Thanks for the post you shared with us.

      • raymond

        Hi Cymphonix546,

        That’s true. You’re welcome. :)

    • apx.alarm123

      Hi raymond.Really you are doing a great job.The way you described about success is very attractive.So thanks and keep it up.

      • raymond

        Thank you. :)

    • imergent.420

      WOW its really nice article.Very useful and informative.Thanks for sharing.

      • raymond

        Hi Imergent,

        Thank you. :)

    • storesonlineworldwide

      The Law To Success’s content really prove this article.I really like your writing style very much.keep it up.Thanks for sharing.

    • imergentfinance

      I am following your blog regularly and got great information.Having written articles that require this much work, I commend you for your service to the future bloggers. I’m sure they will appreciate it! Great job.

      • raymond

        Hi Imergentfinance,

        Thank you so much.

    • Erotiek Shop

      very interesting, should try it out my self

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