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Hi Folks,

Today I’m going to answer another question posted by a reader, Ganee about the Law of Attraction a couple of months ago. (Sorry for the delay, Ganee)

Here’s the question:

I had great interest in the Law of Attraction, thus I started to read more. I picked up a book – The Secret Revealed by James L. Garlow. It opens a lot of question about the whole concept of Law of Attraction. Is it true?

Did anyone tried to use the Law of Attraction to get out of a massive jam in Federal Highway or get a parking in a mall during a weekend?
What I want to know what is the extend of the usage of this Law? Does it work for everything?


Before I begin, I would like to thank Ganee for her interesting question.

Let’s get some basic understanding about the Law of Attraction first. The Law of Attraction

club dread movie

doesn’t work alone. It works in harmony with all other laws of nature


If the Law of Attraction works alone without any connection with other laws, then, my friend, this world and universe would be in a great mess.


Let’s say you are watching a movie and at a particular scene, you see a hero pull the trigger of his rifle and the bullet comes out (in a slow motion) and moves towards you.

It looks so real that you think and really believe that it’s going to hit you on your head. Now, would the bullet comes out of nowhere and hit you on your head?

NO Way!

It just doesn’t make sense and it disobeys all the Newtonian laws.

If the Law of Attraction works alone, then a lot of people would die unexpectedly and without any logic reason jest because they are cursed by other people.

It needs time for the Law of Attraction to manifest your thoughts or the vibration that you put out and the time taken varies from one case to another because it depends on how harmony you are to your environment.

It is too late when you are already in the traffic jam in the federal highway and it just can’t be manifested to you because it is not harmony with your environment.

You can’t make your car disappear from the jam and appear at your house. That will disobey other laws.

You can’t make your car fly either. That will go against the Law of Gravity.

In conclusion, there is no limit in the usage of the Law of Attraction but you have to be harmony with the environment.

I’ll tell you why sometimes caught in the traffic jam is a good thing in the coming post.

Have a great day and have fun with the Law of Attraction. If you have any question regarding the Law of Attraction or any comments, go on and post it in the box below.

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    • Robert @ reason4smile

      I always like your perspective on the law of attraction, it works harmoniously with the other laws =)

    • raymond

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for that. You share a great deal of knowledge on your blog too. :)

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