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Do you know what the little organ that affects your success is?

Nope. It’s not your brain. That’s too big to consider little.

Nope. It’s not your hand too.

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Your tongue is responsible of the word that you speak. The word that you speak will be saved into your subconscious mind and in the end; it will affect your motivation. Your motivation will affect your action and finally …

… it will affect your result!

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Can you see the connection here?

It is called subliminal messaging. It is frequently used by advertisers to change your perception and your belief to their product.

They bombard your mind or more specifically, your subconscious mind with the message they want you to perceive, repeatedly. That explains why they have to show their ads over and over again especially during the launching stage of their product.

They want you to believe that their product is good and unbeatable (even though you and I know that sometimes it is not).

Bear in mind that our subconscious mind can’t determine which one is real and which one is not. It just takes it as real especially for the information that comes to your mind repeatedly.

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Well, if that’s the way our mind behaves, guess how easily we can program our mind with positive words, phrases or sentences. It’s called affirmation

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In conclusion, if you can bombard or program your mind with the positive messages, your mind will make you go for it no matter what it takes just like how the advertisements do to you.

Are you ready for the positive changes? Program your mind today and attract the best into your life.

Make the Law of Attraction works for you and not against you!

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    • Martin Welch

      I agree to you! Words that comes out or what we speak affects our life..

    • Benjamin

      Hi Raymond, the tongue is one the most highly underrated muscles of the body. It controls so much of what we do and our consequences. Another great post.

    • raymond

      Hi Martin and Benjamin,

      Most people oversee that. :)

      I used to be one. :P

    • Stefan|muscle building program

      Some people believe that words actually carry power with them. Not sure what I think about the whole thing. Interesting Post.


    • raymond

      Hi Stefan,

      I believe that there are powers embeded in the words we speak.

      Thanks for joining the conversation. :)

    • Wayne | interior home lighting

      That kind of goes along the same lines as the phrase “garbage in – garbage out”.
      If we allow our minds to be cluttered with negativity then our moods will reflect that. But, on the other hand if we feel our minds with positive things then we will be in much better moods and be more of a joy to be around.
      You just can’t believe everything you hear, especially on tv.and the internet ads.

    • raymond

      Hi Wayne,

      Yeah, it’s pretty much like GIGO.

      It will be better if we apply the concept of “Treasure in treasure out” or
      “happiness in happiness out” or
      “healthy in healthy out” … etc


    • Dan

      Nice little article, it is certainly important to stay positive, and see the positive side wherever possible, I would say that more than just speaking the word out loud it is really the way your internal voice speaks about yourself which really makes the difference in your attitude and self belief – if you tell yourself things like “I cant do it / I cant be bothered”, then it will probably come true, talk to yourself in a positive way however and you will BECOME POSITIVE.

    • raymond

      Hi Dan,

      That’s true. Like attracts like. :)

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