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Motivation Library

A library full of world greatest books from Anthony Robbins, Stephen Pierce, John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki, Allan Pease, Mark Victor Hansen … and many more in Success Resources office.

I was in Johor Bahru (JB) yesterday (for a day). It is the southernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia. And I have to travel to Singapore in the afternoon for a meeting at 7pm. When I was about to make my way to Singapore (at around 1pm), rain poured heavily.

Frankly, I was a bit worried. Thanks to my awareness. Being aware that it"s the negative emotion, I immediately change that by switching my focus. I began to focus at my smooth journey. I plug in my Attraction Accelerator and visualize it. I believe that the rain will stop by 4pm because that"s latest time I can plan or else I"ll be late for the meeting.

Cool enough, the rain stopped at around 3.50pm. That was amazing! That"s a little success for my day. :) Ask, Believe and Receive. How true is that?

When I reached Singapore, things didn"t go as expected. I stuck half an hour at the custom and need to wait for another 30 minutes for the bus.

Well, that didn"t bother me much because I had Anthony Robbins book and a copy of Reader"s Digest with me. So, I spent my waiting time to read some chapters and took some notes.

Motivation Library

Raymond posting with some of Anthony Robbins city of ember dvd download and Stephen Pierce free picnic Products in Success Resources Library. (Our meeting room :) )

My library

This place is like a heaven to me. I took this picture because I want to put on my vision board. I want a library like this in my house. :)

Time passed by so quickly especially when I was reading one of my favorite books. When the bus came, it left me only 90 minutes to my meeting. (Actually I had an appointment for dinner an hour before the meeting with a friend of mine, James)

30 minutes journey from Woodlands to Queen Street in Bugis by bus seems impossible especially during the peak hour. Finally, I had to cancel the appointment with my friend.

Along the way, the traffic is slow and time showed that I"m gonna be late for my meeting. At the point of time all the negative thoughts and emotion rushed into my mind. I am a person who loves to be early in any appointment. So, again, I had to take immediate action to fix the negative thoughts.

Luckily, I have the Attraction Accelerator audio in my mp3 player. I quickly use it to visualize the end result that I want which is to be there before 7pm. I want to use the Law of Attraction to attract the things that I want. Not the other way round.

I realized that worrying on something you can"t change is useless. Now I know what I need to do. I promised not to focus on my watch anymore until I reached my destination.

I visualize myself waiting in front of the meeting room as the time is still early. I read the books I brought along. All these little action can change my negative focus

runaway dvd download


I no longer think of late. I have eliminated that thought. To make the long story short, I reached my destination at 6.50pm which is 10 minutes earlier and I feel happy and grateful for being able to use the Law of Attraction in every area of my life even the tiniest thing. It"s like magic!

That is the power of focus and visualization. To learn more about it, click on the link below.

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I"d love to hear what you think. Please share it with me in the comment box. :)

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