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Lessons learnt:

You can only drive a car if you inject the suitable fuel into the engine.

A car alone is useless without the suitable fuel to power it.

If you inject the correct fuel into the engine, the combustion of the fuel will give force, energy and momentum to the car.

What if you inject the wrong fuel (e.g. diesel) into a car? It not only doesn"t make your car move but also will spoil the mechanism in your car. In another words, it brings more harm than good.

You"ll need to spend a lot of money to fix it, it will drive you mad, you"ll have to call the tow truck to tow your car away to the workshop, you"ll be late for your appointment and your schedule will be in a mess.

All this happen just because you pour in the wrong fuel into your car.

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Now think of your mind as the car and your thought as the fuel.

Mind = car

Thought = fuel

In order to drive the goals and dreams in your mind to its destination (reality), you need to inject the right thoughts into your mind. Then only the right process, which is the process of attraction, will take place to create the force, energy and momentum that you need. You insert the right input and you get the right output.

On the other hand, if you put the wrong thoughts into your mind, not only you will never move a step closer to your goals but also spoil your mind. You spoil the whole process and the mechanism of attraction. You will live in the dark and conquered by the negative thoughts.

For example, if you want to be happy (your goal) but you always think of the unhappiness from your past. You punish yourself for your past mistakes you have made.

You think that living in a happy live is hard and impossible for you. Then you not only would not attain your happiness but also will live in a miserable life. You let the negative thoughts control you.

You surround yourself by these negative thoughts and thus you will attract more negative experiences. You lock yourself in the dark and not want to expose yourself to the world of possibilities.

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All this can be change if you can clear all the negative clutters in your mind and replace it with positive thoughts. Let your thought go together with your dreams in the same direction.

Be aware of the third influence. Make sure only the good influence can get into your mind.

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    • Rose

      I love this analogy that you made! I have become quite a fan of “The Secret” and am finding more and more good information and advice relating to it – now I have to add your blog to my list (and my blogroll)

      I think what you have mentioned here is key! I know that I have had my bouts with negative thoughts – especially when I’m stressed. And I know for a fact that other people are going through this now to the point that they only think of negative thoughts and that they have to change that!

    • Raymond

      Hi Rose,

      First of all, welcome to my blog.

      I’m glad that you like my blog post. I have found another fan of the secret today.

      I’m looking forward to see you and your comments around.

      Thanks for the add too.

      Have a great day!

    • x3r0bug

      Great analogy with the car-mind, fuel-thoughts!

      This is a great post about positive thinking. It is true that we must think positively because negative thinking can act as a blockage to whatever attraction that we WANT to bring into our lives.

      Thanks for the great reminder! It always helps to be reminded to think more positively… especially in this world that is so focused on the negative things.

    • raymond

      Hi x3r0bug,

      Glad to see you here again. Indeed. Ideas keep on pouring into my mind since I use a very powerful visualization method. I will reveal this powerful secret tomorrow, 26th July 2007.

      Watch close! :)

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