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If you’re keen to make the Law of Attraction works in your life, read on because I’m going to give you a simple formula that ensures your success.

Intention x Action = Success

Let me break up this formula. Mathematically speaking, your success is directly proportional to your intention and your action. In the absence of one, success disappears.

You can have a lot of intentions, probably a couple of millions intention. But. But, if your action is zero, your success is zero too.

Let’s put it in numbers

Intention x Action = Success

5,000,000 x 0 = ZERO

Conversely, if you take a lot of action, but you do not have any intention to achieve success, you won’t go far.

0 Intention x 1,000,000 actions = ZERO Success

You probably have known what intention is. So, now, let’s look at the actions. What are the actions?

The actions are dependent on what your intention is.

If your intention is to stay healthy, have a 6-pax-abs or lose weight, then obviously the action you need to take is to exercise intensively and regularly.

If your intention is to become a successful business owner, then the actions you need to take are getting more customers/clients, growing your customer base and keeping them in your business.

If your intention is to become a successful investor, then learn how you can time the stock market, learn about property investment, Forex trading, Gold Investing, Tax Lien investment and so on.

No matter what your intention is, make sure you follow up your intentions with appropriate actions.

You can use mind movies to boost the power of your intention. I have it in my cell phone, ipod and trust me. It’s powerful. Sometimes the movies play in my mind while I was exercising, working and when I go to bed, automatically. This is huge!

If you can follow this simple formula, you CAN be successful.

The Law of Attraction is the combination of both.

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    • Rick

      this formula is so brief and simpe that it really helped me out in getting to a conclusion that why most of mybefforts are not working…. however i have a little querry that what if you have the intention and the action too and you don\\\’t succeed
      i meant 10 intention*10 actions== ????

      • raymond

        Well Rick,

        In this case, 100 is not the full mark.

        10 intention*10 actions is nothing compare to 10 intention*1000 actions

        The ratio counts too.

        1 action per intention is far less than 100 actions per intention.

    • used tires

      I am more of a mathematical person, so this really put it in perspective for me =D

      Till then,


    • Nieruchomosci Gryfino

      I agree fully that a lot of intentions without action will always give you result of 0. But what with a lot of action without intentions? If you take action some reaction will be given to you because that is always happening. That reaction could be something you didn\’t think you could achieve but there will be something for sure. Now thinking mathematically there is a mistake in logic of your argumentation. But I do agree with the thought you are giving here. Action is something that we won\’t achieve nothing without.

      • raymond

        Hi Nieruchomosci,

        Maybe I should declare this earlier. The result I mentioned refers to desired results. Thank you for pointing that out. I really appreciate it. :)

    • Acupuncture Tampa

      Good mathematically explanation of success. Intentions and action both are important for success. Thanks for information.

      • raymond

        You’re welcome. :)

    • Web Hosting Reviews

      A great advice put in a simple mathematical form. Lovely work. Helped me a lot. Thank you

    • Kristy

      Hey mate, U know what? You are too good. How do u bring such ideas. i love this blog dude. specially this post. its scientific too. great buddy.

      • raymond

        Hey Kristy,

        Thanks for the compliment. :)

    • Buy PSP Go

      Nice way to show how to achieve your aims, even if it’s in a slightly nerdy style :) (I like it!).

      • raymond

        Thanks for the “I like it”

    • how to deal with people

      I agree 100%. ACTION is required. Attraction theory has too often been misrepresented in the media as purely intention. This is not the case–the world rewards action. However, it rewards action guided by intention the most.

    • Office Space Los Angeles

      Mathematics been headache since school time but as you described its easy to understand but more than that Video was excellent i recommend to all readers to watch given video about MIND MOVIES Simple easy and great video to understand law of attraction and success.

      • raymond

        Hi Office space,

        You’re absolutely right! Video is a great method to enhance the power of attraction.

    • Cancer Hospital

      Yes little bit complication mathematics but Video is interesting and effective way for explanation.

    • PSP Go

      Interesting way to present the idea. Thanks.

    • Property Investors

      Nice formula, it really help me to find out the law of attraction!

    • Banko

      hi. thank you for this article..

    • SEO

      All action is the result of a prior thought or thoughts, not the other way around.

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