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The Mental Catch-Up

August 14, 2007 | 2 Comments

Quite a lot of readers asked me why it takes so long to achieve their goals. Well, one of my answers to this is because we have put in too much negative thoughts and opinion in our mind.

So it may take some time for us to clear out all the rubbish from our mind and decorate it with the correct thoughts and mindset.

Think of our mind as a piece of paper. When we were born, our mind is like a piece of white paper. It is clean and there was nothing on it. However, as we grew, we began to paint the paper with what we perceived from the world around us.

We painted it with joy, sadness, good thoughts, bad thoughts, confidence, fear, love, anger and different types of mindset. So, some part of the paper may look beautiful while others will look ugly. In another words, we don"t have a clear idea of what we really want to draw or paint on the paper.

It wasn"t until one day, after you read certain books, attended certain seminars, got some golden advice from your friends or family, watched certain movies or whatever it is, you begin to clear of your goals and dreams.

Now, you know what you really want to draw and paint on the paper. You"ve got a very clear picture in your head. The next step you want to do is to erase the ugly lines on your paper and replace it with some lines that make the beautiful picture you want.

This is called as mental catch-up where we erase all the negative thoughts in our mind and replace it with a new correct positive mindset so that we are in the alignment with our dreams and the universe as well.

It may take some time because we need to clear out the unwanted thoughts and mindsets which have been buried in our head for years. Until we have cleared off the rubbish, there is no way for us to achieve our goals. cry danger movie download

The longer you take to clear off this rubbish, the longer it takes to manifest your goals.

So guys and gals, are you ready for some house mental keeping?

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    • zaki blogjer

      I have the same thinking about negative thoughts which is bad, and it kinda hard to get rid of it. But how about opinions? Doesn’t it good for us?

    • raymond

      Well, Zaki, it depends on how you define a negative opinions and what is the subject.

      Perhaps you can give me an example. :)

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