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We get a lot of advices ever since we were born. We receive advices from out parents, friends, teachers, consultant, customers, employer and so on. Some are good to follow while some are not.

Some advices lead us to victory while some others drive you down from the cliff.

So now, the dilemma seems to be which advice should you follow and which you shouldn’t.

The best way to get good advice, (as far as I know) is from somebody who is good in it and they have actually reached the state you want to be.

If you want to be healthy, would you go to an overweight person for a piece of advice? Or would you go to a healthy muscular person for their advice? You tell me.

If you want to be rich, would you go to somebody who is broke and ask them how you can be super rich? I do not know about you but I would rather ask those who are already extremely rich and ask them how I can be rich like them too.

Besides, I would also model them. I’ll model their awareness, their understanding to money and how they recondition their mind towards the subject of money.

What if you want to be rich, happy, healthy, kind and wealthy? What would you do?

The answer is pretty obvious, right? Find those who are rich, happy, healthy, kind and wealthy and ask for their advice. Model their habit, believe, action, attitude and almost everything possible and chances are you will be one of them very soon.

Remember this

The most expensive advice you can get is free advice you get from poor people.

When I say poor, I do not limit it to financial gain but also to every area of our lives such as poor in health, poor spiritually and so on.

What if you want to master the Law of Attraction and become a powerful manifestor?

Would you go to a negative minded people and ask them how you can attract happiness? I’m sure you have the right answer in your mind.

If you are still looking for the Law of Attraction gurus where you can learn how to use the Law of Attraction CORRECTLY, my best recommendation will be Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle living dying divx download swingers download .

Bob Proctor has created a program called the Science of Getting Rich to help eager and committed people to apply the Law of Attraction correctly in their lives.

(Everybody knows how to use the Law of Attraction

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but only a small portion of them who know how to use it CORRECTLY!)

Bob Proctor is a great motivator and a great teacher and his materials are excellent. The best thing is, he always overdeliver.

I remember in one of his coaching call, he managed to turn a skeptical person around and put him on track politely, in less then 5 minutes, through the telephone. That’s very powerful and that is just a scratch on the surface. You can find out more about his program here

The Science of Getting Rich

Bob Doyle, on the other hand has his own coaching program called the Wealth Beyond Reason. If you join his coaching program, you will be amazed by the access you will be given.

I don’t think you’ll need to purchase another ebook, audio and other Law of Attraction

learning material. You’ll have almost everything you need and that’s just the library. I haven’t touch about his coaching lessons yet. Click the link below to find out more about his coaching program

Wealth Beyond Reason

I would like to end today’s article with my favorite quote from Benjamin Franklin

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorant”

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I invest thousands of dollars (sometimes tens of thousand of dollars) for my education each year because I understand that I am purchasing the cheapest advice by finding the right person/mentor. What about you?

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    • Lori

      Interesting you spend so much on your education! I read today that one type of people read ONE book a week. Millionaires! Talk about an education! That’s non-fiction too lol… thanks for the post. Lori

    • Michele Castle

      Great blog today and great website! I love that quote: “The most expensive advice you get is free advice from poor people.” Another quote that comes to mind is, “The most expensive real estate on the planet is the six inches between your ears!” And what I learned from one of my multi-millionaire mentors Jeff Combs is that idea of 10,000 meals with the wrong financial advisors-i.e.-your parents! Although I am fortunate to have very entrepreneural parents, I meet so many people in my business endeavors who listen to so many voices in their present and their past who confuse them and create conflicting emotions and beliefs that hinder them from creating the clarity of focus that is necessary to successfully apply the Law of Attraction. Like you, I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in mentoring and training with successful, prosperous people in order to attract the six figure success I have. (That’s in addition to the hundred thousands I spent on my formal higher education at Duke and BU!) What I have learned along the way is that there are some key points- really “secrets”- that are so important to understand when becoming a student of the law of attraction-especially if one is spiritually minded. If anyone wants to find out what I have compiled from my undergrad, graduate, and 5 years of entrepreneurship regarding solid spirituality and applying the law of attraction, feel free to check out my e-book (it’s free) at I’d love your feedback about it at

    • Spotsylvaina County Virginia

      Thanks…thanks for the advice you have given. I always think it is important to get advice from those we want to emulate.

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymaond,

      I totally agree that who you choose to learn from is very important. The best teachers are the ones who has been there, done that and has succeeded in it.

      People need to overcome their negative thoughts on these successful people and learn from them with an open mind, a genuine heart, a passion to learn from them and faith in yourself that you can succeed by emulating them.

      Hai Liang

    • raymond

      Hi Lori,

      You’ll know that the investment in the education is not much when you see the return and the result.

      I have just spent nine thousands last week for my next 2 seminars.

    • raymond

      Hi Michele,

      Thanks for sharing the ebook. :)

      For me, education is essential.

      It’s either we grow or we die.

    • raymond

      You spot it right, Spotsylvaina County Virginia

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      That’s the right way. :)

    • Land Projects UK

      Education is also one of the important factor that could to be successful. Hearing different stories from successful people serves as an inspiration.

      Education and experience, for me if combined could help you to become successful. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Land Project UK,

      That’s a perfect match. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      If you are really following LOA, advise will come to you from various sources. The trick is in identifying them as such and acknowledging that the Universe is sending you the advise you need at the appropriate time and be grateful for it.

    • Ed McDonough

      Educating yourself is important but you don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it. There are many Law of Attraction experts out there who can show you how to consistently use the LOA to your greatest advantage.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables and Ed McDonough,

      I know you both mean, “When a student is ready, the teacher will show up”

      But do you realize that not every student know how to get themselves ready? :)

      I do.

    • Tom Stine | Living from Consciousness

      “Everybody knows how to use the Law of Attraction but only a small portion of them who know how to use it CORRECTLY!”

      I couldn’t agree more, Raymond. People talk about it endlessly in certain circles, but implementing it is a different matter entirely.

    • Top Rated

      I still remember, some good advice I got the day I got married, was that “lots of free advice is worth what you paid for it”. Of course, I never paid for the advice about advice, so there are exceptions to every rule.

    • raymond

      Hi Tom Stine,

      That’s true.

      The Law of Attraction is a nature’s law. It applies naturally to everybody, everytime.

      But “manipulate” the law for our own benefit is the entire different thing. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Top Rated,

      Thanks for sharing.

      We do not necessary have to pay it with money. :)

    • Nicole Price

      I think you are quite correct there, “The most expensive advice you get is free advice from poor people.” One needs to be very careful what advice they take from whom, sometimes blindly following unsuitable advice can turn out to be very very expensive!

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      My most expensive free advice cost me $20,000

      That’s a great lesson for me. Since then, I won’t be stingy to spend for my education. :)

    • Michael

      Really? you spent that much! Well, so glad that you learned a great lesson from that.

    • raymond

      Hi Michael,

      Yeah, it is that much. :)

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    • Coral Snake

      this is a good way of looking at things, i like the philosophy, and i could not agree more ! yet sometimes, people don’t want to take that advice …

    • raymond

      Hi Coral,

      Some people prefer to learn from their own mistakes instead of other’s mistakes though it saves a lot of time, energy and money by learning from other’s mistake. :)

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