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How to Learn New Skills

… If you really really want to accelerate the process, my answer would be “get a mentor”. We need a coach to show us the exact way to do something. Mentors can reduce the gradient of your learning curve and you can save years and tons of unnecessary mistakes and failure.

A recipe book can tell you the ingredients, amount of ingredients and the steps but it can’t teach you the cutting skills, frying skills, and other skills.

So, it is not the smartest way to think that you can become the master of the chefs easily by purchasing a $67 book and read it plus some practice. At the end of the day, you need at least a mentor.

If you want to master the Law of Attraction, you need mentors. There’s no shortcut.

2 years ago, I don’t know what the Law of Attraction is until “The Secret” movie hits the world.

I am impressed by the movie and how the Gurus laid out the concept of the Law of Attraction.

I begin to watch the movie over and over again, read lots of related books, newsletters, blogs, I talk about it, I share about it, I apply it into my life, I attend the seminars, and finally get some mentors (not necessarily the Gurus in the movie)

Tell you what, I can’t believe how much I have improve in a year and my life begin to change completely.

I have begun to understand the reasons behind all the mysteries that puzzled me. It’s fantastic and just by following this formula, I have learn this skills of living in a very short time.

The formula is

Read books and magazines + application of knowledge + right mentors = great skills

If you are going to ask me which mentors should you choose if you want to master the Law of Attraction

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, then my recommendation will be

Bob Proctor download abbott and costello meet the killer boris karloff dvdrip

Bob Doyle

Abraham Hicks

Joe Vitale

T Harv Eker (Law of Attraction for money)

Frankly, I have not tried Abraham Hicks and Joe Vitale’s coaching yet but from the feedback I have received and the video I have watched, they are great mentors too.

Where Can I get Some Great Mentors in Other Fields?

The best way to get a mentor is to attend seminars. Not all mentors are good for you. Watch the speakers speak at the seminar, ask those who have been in his/her coaching program for their feedbacks.

If you think you can understand and like the speaker’s presentation and you have tons of great feedbacks about his/her coaching program and your intuition tells you that the is the right one for you, then go for it!

Every skill is learnable and I will prove it to you tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll love it. This eye popping video will drop your jaw. So, stay tune and make sure you subscribe to my rss feed august dvd and come back tomorrow

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