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Yesterday, I have laid out one of the possible blockages that may block your wealth RIGHT NOW!

(If you have not read yesterday’s article, I suggest you read them first)

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In conclusion, you want to be a good person and at the same time, you associate money and wealth with evil.

Here’s where the Law of Attraction enters into our discussion.

You want to be a good person and you take all the necessary action to make you a good person such as being an understanding friend, care for your family, help the elders, and being honest.

You feel good by being a good person and you consciously or unconsciously put out the vibration of a “good person” out to the universe and the vibration will attract all the good things for you to continue to be a good person.

Here’s the thing that you may or may not know. Your subconscious mind has silently betrayed you. The “good person” vibration that you put out has a code or the “terms and condition” embedded into it. The code is inserted by your subconscious mind without you knowing it.

Let me decode it for you. It reads like this: carlito s way divx

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“In order to be a good person, I can not be rich and wealthy” snow angels download free download adulthood movie

So the vibration that you have put out will attract all the goodness to you including good relationship and appreciation from other people except MONEY!

Why? Because you believe that money will make you a bad person! So, it is not manifested to you.

No wonder there are so many people trying to be rich but no matter how hard they try, no matter what they do, everything seems useless.

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Nothing will change unless you change your mindset first.

When I say change your mindset, I mean change your association towards money i.e. associate money and wealth with positive events.

Bear in mind that I DO NOT encourage you to change into a bad person in order to be rich and wealthy. If you do, the Law of Cause and Effect timber falls divx download will come and get you to face the justice!

I hope by now, you can see how important our mind and belief is. Many times, we are not even aware of it because it happens at the subconscious level.

This is just ONE out of more than 70 factors that affect your financial blueprint. I can’t believe how many defects I have in my financial blueprint when I first discover it.

If you want to discover all the defects in your financial blueprint and cure it all with the ultimate super potion (A series of well-planned and easy to follow exercise), then I would highly recommend you to attend T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar.

You can get your ticket here!

Use the Law of Attraction for your benefits and not otherwise! I would appreciate your comments, thoughts, suggestion or any form of sharing.

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    • Michael Miles

      T Harv Ecker’s book has been an inspiration to me. I would recommend it to anyone interested in finding out why they aren’t richer than they are. The idea of a ‘financial blueprint’ makes alot of sense.

    • raymond

      Hi Michael,

      The idea of financial blueprint has changed my life.

      Isn’t that great? :)

    • Jesse

      i beg to differ. money doesnt always have to evil. if managed well with good intent, it turns out to be a boon.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Raymond, as I had undertaken, I have now procured a copy of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and find that it is everything that you suggested it would be.

      I am sure that it will not come as a surprise to you, but, even before I could finish the first part of the book, I was fortunate enough to attract some fantastic business propositions!

      Thank you for sharing this treasure with all your readers.

    • raymond

      Hi Jesse,

      I’m on your side. Money brings a lot of joy and happiness to me. It helps me to help others too.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,


      You Have A Millionaire Mind!

      (Oops … put both of your hands at your head first)

      Thanks for sharing your success story. That’s very inspiring.

      I wish you all the success. :)

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