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Two men are working in the same company, in the same sales department. They joined the company at the same time (same batch). Both of them have no sales background. No sales training is provided even though they were promised that the training will be provided.

In short, they are both coming from the same background and in the same environment.

The only difference is …

… One become the top salesperson in the company, earn a lot of money from his sales commission and has been promoted to Sales manager while the other one still suffering from his basic salary with no or little commission and has received his second warning due to his low sales.

So, here’s the question.

What’s the factor that caused this extreme difference?

The answer is none other than their own self-belief.

As you can see, the environment has no effect at all to ones success. This is the myth that has poisoned the majority of human’s lives. Most people blame the environment for their failure to become a successful person.

(Well, perhaps that’s the cause; they are trying to play the role of a victim.)

The belief system of a super successful person

One becomes the top salesman of the company because he believes that it is not his boss’ responsibility to make him a successful person. He believe that he is the only one person on earth to determine and responsible of his success.

Even the sales training is not provided to him, he believes that it shouldn’t stop him from moving forward. He can always learn the skills from books, friends, colleagues and his experiences. It may take more time but that’s still very much better than waiting for others to feed.

That’s his belief system that makes him a super successful person.

What about the other man?

On the other hand, another man believes that it is his boss’ responsibility to make him a successful salesman. He believes that nothing could be done without the training from his company and that’s the thing that he keeps on complaining all years. That’s his mindset.

It’s not only that, he also believes that the company should find customers for him and his job is just to close the sales.

Can you see the difference?

Can you see how different belief system affects your life?

From The Secret movie

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, the second step of attracting your goals is BELIEF!

You will attract what you belief with the Law of Attraction

, it will come to you. So, if you have a positive belief-system, you’ll attract positive result and vice versa.

Anthony Robbins comebacks the download free has a great deal to share about our belief system including programming our belief system, it’s power to create, the danger of the belief system and many more (and this is just a microscopic part of what he shares in this books and seminars)

If you are anticipating for his next seminar, let me tell you, the Unleash The Power Within Seminar will be in March this year.

You can click on the banner below to learn more about the seminar.

Okay, back to my questions. Do you have positive belief system or negative belief system? What is your belief? Are you ready to put on your Law of Attraction hat? Share it with me because I’ll be on all “eyes”.

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Raymond, I do operate on a positive belief in my self. Now that is a very profound statement of philosophy that will take some explanation. Simply stated, The self, is equal to the universe! If you are positive, you will only attract the positive to yourself. QED!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      It’s indeed QED. Like always attracts like (but only on the vibrational level). It’s a law and it will never fail. :)

    • Living Rooms

      Like you have said in your earlier posts, it is the complainers and the blamers, who are the losers. They are the people who dont think positive and dont take responsibility for their actions.

    • Rich |Windows Registry Cleaner Program That Fixes Many Registry Problems

      tony Robbins ias the man

      When you have walked over those red hot
      coals your belief system will be changed foever.

      Great post


    • raymond

      Hi Living Room,

      I’m so glad that you still remember that.

      I appreciate you for being a regular reader here. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rich,

      That’s true. When something you had believed as impossible turns out to be possible, then the word impossible will be immediately taken away from your mind and you’ll become unstoppable.

    • Bhumika

      I come somewhere between the two… and it depends on task I am performing that i am positive or negative? isn’t it normal?

    • wall mirrors guy

      I just believe in myself and not to be afraid of what will happen in life.

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