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The Power of Belief

January 23, 2009 | 9 Comments

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Our subconscious mind believes every piece of information that we put in without interpreting it and this serves as a base of our beliefs. There’s no doubt that the power of our belief is incredible and IT IS one of the fundamental elements of the Law of Attraction this is spinal tap dvd download .

Let me share a story with you.

Years ago, there was a guy who decided to take up a race in Australia and the distance of the race is 375km.

This is not an ordinary race (as you can see from the distance of the race) and it was joined by 150 athletes from all over the world. Those athletes came with all the branded gear and everything but this old man just came with, you know, an overall and other casual attires.

A man asked him (the “old man”), “What makes you think you can win this race?”

The man replied, “I am a shepherd and I take care of the sheep in a 2000 acres land. Everyday, I run around the land to chase the sheeps back to the herd…”

Finally, this man was accepted to participate in the race.

Here’s an interesting thing. As a man who lived in the countryside, he has never read sports magazines before and he didn’t know that he’s allowed to rest and sleep in the race.

In other words, he BELIEVED

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So, initially, he ran slowly to keep his energy consistent for the following days and when other participants sleep at night, he just ran fast and overtook them all.

He did this for 5 DAYS continuously and to make long story short, he NOT ONLY won the race but also BROKE the WORLD RECORD by 12 hours. This is huge! Imagine how far you can run in 12 hours.

This is the power of belief that I share with you today. Part of this enormous success comes from his belief. If he knew that he can stop to rest and sleep, he MIGHT not be able to achieve and experience this triumph.

And if you remember, “Believe” is one of the key elements of manifesting your thought and desire with the Law of Attraction.

So what do you believe in that will and can drive you to your success? Share your thoughts with me and I hope you enjoyed this story.

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    • Evan

      This man was Cliff Young. He did sleep – just not terribly much.

      He also effectively trained everyday by running aroung his farm in heavy overalls and gumboots.

    • raymond

      Hi Evan,

      Thanks for the correction. I heard it from Jack Canfield in The Masters Gathering’s audio files and I thought it would be nice to share it here. :)

    • liz

      Another example that proves it is not what happens to us but rather our “interpretation” of the events in our life what really matters.

      I like the length of your posts. It makes it easy to read and absorb one thought at at time. Nice job!

    • raymond

      Hi Liz,

      I agree. Our perspective is so important in the process of creating the life we desire.

      Oh, and thanks for your comment about the length of my post. :)

    • miepekan

      good story…thanks for sharing

    • raymond

      Hi Miepekan,

      Hope you enjoy it. :)

    • Nirav

      Hi!Great…..I wish to get all the content of 11 forgotten laws in my e-mail for free by tomorrow.

    • raymond

      Hi Nirav,

      I wish you all the best. :)

    • colocation

      Thanks for such an incite-full story. Believing in oneself can make your life path much easier on yourself.

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