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Several readers asked me how I can remember my dreams so easily while they can’t.

It’s frustrating sometimes to know that you have a great dream but somehow, you just can’t remember it.

It could be a romantic dating or a solution to your problem (where you get the solution in your dreams but you can’t remember it the moment you woke up)

At least I experienced that myself and what I used to do is to go back to sleep and hope that I’ll dream the same thing again or at least it continues.

Am I too naïve? Maybe

Everybody has a child within them. :)

Tips to remember your dream

I have to admit that I still can’t remember all my dreams clearly yet but what I can say is that I can see the improvement or the increase of my awareness towards my dreams.

I do hypnosis literally everyday and I purchase my hypnosis audio from here.

Lucid Dream Hypnosis Audio session 9 download free

I listen to Lucid Dreaming hypnosis audio, not everyday but several nights in a week. Sometimes listen to Goal manifestation audio, sometimes listen to Attraction Accelerator

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and so on.

So, what is Lucid Dreaming? The simplest way I can think (right now) is, Lucid Dreaming is a method to program your dream.

Focus on what you want to dream just right before you sleep and it will appear in your dream.

Think of a problem you want to solve. Focus on finding the solution when you are about to sleep and when you sleep, your subconscious mind will travel around and find the solution for you and it will come to you through your dream.

Have you ever heard people say, “I’ll sleep on it (the problem)”?

That’s lucid dream. officer and a gentleman an dvd download

If I have no problem to solve, then I’ll focus on the thought, how I can make it better, how I can make more money, how I can serve more people, how else I can help others … etc.

You may or may not succeed in the first attempt (depends on your mental level) but it will surely increase your awareness to your dream.

You do not necessarily need the hypnosis audio to perform the lucid dreaming exercise but those audios surely serves as a great tool to align your brainwave and do the talking for you.

You can record your own hypnosis audio if you want (and if you know how)

I’ll share more about increasing your awareness to your dreams in the next post. You know what to do, don’t you? Chat back with me. I’m all “eyes”.

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    • Attraction Guy

      Wow! That’s sound fantastic.

      I would like to try out with the attraction accelerator first. However, it’s true that people can hardly remember dreams because I heard that dreaming is happening at another side of the brain. When we wake up, we will use the other side and that’s why people can’t remember their dreams!

    • Olivier – Lucid dreamer

      Hi, I clicked the lucid dreaming image and it took me to some site to develop mind power. This is also interesting, but not exactly what I was hoping for.


    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      Attraction Accelerator is not bad for lucid dream. It’s not that nobody talking in a hypnotic voice to your ear.

      Thus, you have to increase your focus to what you want to dream.

      My focus is low when I go to bed. That’s why I prefer to use the lucid dream audio for this purpose.

    • raymond

      Hi Olivier,

      Lucid dreaming is a branch of the mind power too.

      You are landing on the right site and the site sells a lot of other products too besides lucid dreaming such as remote viewing, subjective communication and Synchronization.

      I love them all!

      I hope you like them too. :)

    • Phil the Plumbing Expert

      Thanks for sharing about Lucid Dreaming. Some people already practice Lucid Dreaming. It’s quiet interesting but I’m afraid to practice. Maybe there could some negative effects on this.

    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      Worry not. It won’t cause any negative effects. It’s just your subconscious mind working for you while you sleep.

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    • Chris Sherrod

      I’ve had lucid dreams for so long I can’t remember when they started. I just shared this excellent article to my readers to help them use lucid dreams to help their businesses.

      Chris –

    • raymond

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for spreading this article around. I appreciate that and I’m grateful. :)

    • aizalea

      hi Raymond..since I heard about lucid dreaming, I start to keep my own dream log. I keep writing my dreams the first minute I wake up. The interesting part is, since I have my dream log, I dream almost everynight! Even when its just a nap! I dream wonderful things and wonderful people! And last week, I experienced Lucid Dreaming. But it didnt last long because I’m really excited in the same time i feel afraid so I woke myself up although its hard and feels like there’s a heavy weight on my body. I need to learn more about lucid dreaming :)

    • raymond

      Hi Aizalea,

      Thank you for sharing your lucid dream experience and congratulation for your success.

      There are so much more to experience about lucid dreaming and it’s fantastic.

      Try to solve your day time problem in your sleep. It gotta be fun. :)

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