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I"m sure most of you folks have heard of iPhone, another product from Steve Jobs. It is still a wow of the century.

Look around you. Look at the technologies that surround you. Hand phones, ipod, television, laptop, PC, all other electrical appliances, cars, machines and others.

None of these would be invented without visualization. Somebody has to visualize it, comes out with the idea, work hard on it and attract the success.

Let"s take Thomas A. Edison for example. He began with visualization. He visualized a bright colorful beautiful city. At the point of that time, this was not possible.

If you were to light thousands of candles down the street, it would be very costly. Besides, the wind might blow off the candles in a snap of fingers.

So, he comes out with an idea to invent something which can overcome these problems. He already had the diagram of a bulb in his sketch book long before the bulb was being invented.

Click here to see the patent of his bulb

I should say that he had good visualization ability. It"s not so easy to visualize something that never exists.

He didn"t stop there. He brought his visualization to the next level. He was working very hard to achieve what he had visualized. He had tried thousands of experiment before he can actually invent a light bulb.

He attracted his success by not giving up. He focused on what he visualized instead of focusing on the failure of each experiment. He was a positive thinker. Every failure was viewed as a step closer to his success.

He was not only focus to his goal but also persistent. Let me ask you a question. How many people in the world do you think can stand up to 10,000 failures and still believe in their success with unwavering faith?

He needed longer time because he attracted a huge, massive, gigantic success that changes the lives of every person in the world. henry poole is here online

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, tomorrow. Stay tune.

Speak soon.

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    • shueqry

      oh, i love this sentence :

      “He was not only focus to his goal but also persistent.”

      - Shueqry -

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thinking of Thomas A. Edison remind me of Wilbur and Orville remember the Wright Brothers. In 1903, the Wright Brothers became the first humans to fly an aircraft.
      The so-called experts of the day claimed that it was ‘impossible’ for humans to take off, let alone land, an aircraft.
      They thought the Wrights were Wrong!
      Wilbur and Orville Wright didn’t know that it was ‘impossible’ to fly – so they went ahead and did it.
      My comments when it come to visualization or imagination it’s all not only about intelligent but it about staying a little bit longer on things you want to do. Did you notice this is most what inventors have done? I hope am right. Your comments please.
      Oh, dear I have to leave now really nice interacting to you. It just that I like dropping by saying hello gives comments. Take care have a nice day. Sayonara. Cheers.

    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      Haven’t see you here for a while. I like that phrase too. :P

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I do love comments. :)

      You can’t prove that you can’t do something. You only can prove that you can so it.

      Sometimes, we just have to stay a little bit longer. Sometimes, I am wondering what the world would be if Thomas A. Edison stopped at his 9999th experiment.

      I agree with you that those great inventors do not have high, formal education but they are intelligent enough to make things work.

      Don’t you think that that’s more important? :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, I agreed with you it’s all about being creative a gift that all of us have except that we didn’t know.

    • raymond

      Yeah Rose,

      It’s our responsibility to find that out. :)

      I hope I can find mine soon :P

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Very good example of visualization that brought tremendous success. You are quite right that all inventors need to visualize their invention, in fact most of them dream of it somehow.

      Keep this good examples coming. I am enjoying it :D


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      I’m happy to hear that you like it. :)

      In fact, I can’t imagine how on earth a person is going to invent something they have never visualized.

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    • Joe Macartney

      The comment about persistence resonates. People often confuse the results of determined persistence with superior intelligence thus robbing themselves of the chance to even try to succeed. It was Einstein, who anyone can agree was brilliant, who pointed out that most of his greatest successes came from the fact that he simply stuck with a problem longer than most others.

      Persistence is what set him apart from many of his equally brilliant peers. It seems to be a valuable behaviour at any level of effort.

      As a teacher I saw this over and over. It was not always the brightest students who excelled. It is safe to say though, that those who excelled consistently all had at least one common characteristic, they persisted as a matter of habit.

    • raymond

      Hi Joe,

      You made a good point.

      Smart people who lack of persistence will go nowhere but

      Not-So-Smart people will go somewhere with their persistence. :)

      Thanks for commenting. :)

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