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Hi folks. I hope you are satisfied with Bob Doyle’s explanation yesterday. In today"s video, Bob Doyle is going to share with you his perspective towards Law of Attraction in Science, media and religion.

Let"s watch this:

Here"re the summary of the video:

What you resist persist

We can"t convince someone to believe in something if they are skeptical or have a very strong resistance to the things we want to convince them.

The reason can be explain with the Law of Attraction. When someone resist on something, they will attract all the evidence to prove their stand and vice versa.

Different thoughts produce different results

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If you give 2 persons the same information and ask them to do the same thing, chances are they are going to produce different results. This is because they think differently. They have different thought.

From the religion point of view

Many people create some controversy towards the teaching of the Law of Attraction because GOD is not included in the process of creating a success in ones life. This is to show respect to free thinker and those who use different term such as higher-self, guardian angle and so on.

Practicing the Law of Attraction is not to show dishonor to GOD

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In fact it is a way to honor the GOD by using the power of this creation to the fullest. Think of the analogy he uses (giving his son building blocks to express himself creatively)

Here’s the link to Wealth Beyond Reason’s website.

You can get tons of information there for FREE! Bob is waiting you there for a short briefing. :) download black sunday divx

I hope you"ll get a lot of benefits and questions answered in this series. I"m looking forward for your comments. download how the grinch stole christmas movie

Speak soon.

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